Palomita's Sketchbook

Hello community, :smiley: Just decided to open a Sketchbook to have all doodles and stuff in one place. Feedback is gonna be really welcome.
This is one of the most recent sculptures ive been working on.
Mmm I just hope im posting in the right place Im not a forum person…

So yeah, this is all for the first post.
Hey there everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

Palomita A Punto Efe



Done for
CharacterFORGE 3D :small_orange_diamond: ROUND 022 :small_orange_diamond: PIN UP GIRL

I havent been doing anything for challenges lately but its such a nice experience. Meeting people, giving and receiving feedback and advices while trying your best. I learned a lot by doing this :roll_eyes:

Amazing sculptures, beautiful anatomy and faces, you don’t need to blur out anything on this forum though, just put a MA tag to it.

good job

Nice start to your sketchbook. I like the retro pin-up/cheesecake style you used. :+1:

Great work as usual ; )

Great work as usual ; )

Beautiful works

Great stuff! Keep it coming.

Amazing work! Very natural and relaxed pose, looks great!

Very beautiful…I really liked your poses…good work:)

Good to see some familiar faces around here. You’ve got a good grasp on the female forms, really digging this! :slight_smile:

I love it. Nice work :+1:

good talent. these are very nice.

Thank you all for your nice comments!:slight_smile: Another model here, female aswell. Gotta upload sth diferent next time O.o
Aazv17, I just have this image and sadly its already edited like this, If I find the model Im going to follow your advice with the MA tag, didnt know that, thank you!


Nice start, keep going!

Nice art work. Love your sculpts and your poses are wonderful.

The model in post #15 looks like Charlize Theron one of my fav actresses. Love the clothing and hair.

Love the PinUp model on top of the thread she is very beautiful.

Hope to see more of your work soon.

Take care and happy ZBrushing!

Cool stuff! The girl in shorts is awesome! It will be interesting to follow you on!

Really good job on the folds!