PaintStop Gallery

We are thrilled by the great response that PaintStop has received, with over 100 images being created by the community in only four days.
We’re looking forward to seeing what is yet to come, as artists become increasingly familiar with the plugin’s capabilities.

For that reason, we’ve created this special thread for posting your PaintStop creations. To get it started, we’ve included some of the best
contributions so far.

Please continue to add your own and see how far we can take this. :slight_smile:


Alain C.

Cameron Farn

Geert Melis

Geoff Priest

Jason Belec

John Cherevka

Majid Smiley

Mark Behm


Michael Grieco


Roy Munson


In case you haven’t already seen them, there’s also an inspirational gallery at the bottom of the PaintStop Page at www.pixologic.com.
Check it out!

Happy ZBrushing :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure what that last image is supposed to mean, but it’s obviously political in nature and a bit disturbing…

The rest of the images are pretty darn inspirational, though. It’s truly amazing how versatile a tool ZBrush is.

not sure if i’m done with this one, love her. i’ve been wanting to do this for over a year.[]

 Toshikazu Kase from memory, just finished watching the 26hr World at War series.

:grimacing:Great works!Great soft!

Well deserved top row. Great works. Would you mind explaining how you were able to take such great details from the photo references? Amazing job on such a great amount of nice content. :+1:

A great idea to showcase the best of PaintStop in it’s own thread…wish I had thought of that.:slight_smile:

Thanks Aurick! Great idea! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:!

Seems like well have a lot more 2d work in the future.
Lets hope people wont post all their first tries like its with the sculpts.
Great job guys!

wow its really nice to see something new on ZBC :smiley:

You guys must be very proud of your new baby (by guys I mean ZBC btw)

I can’t wait to see what happens in a month with the new release of 3.5

Keep up the good work Zbrushers :smiley: :+1:

my brain hurts, 90% of these look like the real medium

Wow, great work :smiley:
Now I have to get PaintStop myself :slight_smile:


I just realised this was a gallery thread and as such posting my own work here is a bit presumptuous.

I’ll post this in my sketchbook thread instead.

Yeah it’s awesome! I like the real feel to, obviously.

By the way it seems to me that it would be a really cool idea if you guys could add the real sounds that go with a pencil or crayon or whatever…I think that would be just perfect

Some nice images here. Although it does seem a little strange that the Uma Thurman image that landed on the top row is simply a modified photo.

What’s the point exactly? :slight_smile:

@ Splodge

Uma Thurman workflow, http://rapidshare.com/files/264953443/UmaEye_Cherea_workflow_test.rar this is no simply photo edited…

Please download, thankyou!



Okay, huge apologies to Michael. I now see that he’s put a lot of work into his Uma.

Although I’m still struggling to see the point of tracing something to that degree. But maybe I’m just stoopid or something… So carry on you lot! :slight_smile:

  • Sneaks out *

Not that anyone cares whether one person gives the OK or not, but I watched the zmovie and I’m fine with Cherea’s technique in creating the Uma image. Most of the laying down of color and blending was done manually. The photograph was used mainly to trace the general shapes and locations of the major forms in the image. I took his finished pic and overlayed it in Photoshop with the photo (prior to watching the video) and was, at first, not convinced. The photo matched too perfectly with the final drawing. But after watching the video, I can see why that is. I don’t think it is any different, really, than techniques used by artists for centuries. How many artists in the past have used preliminary sketches to trace out the final outline for their finished work? Animators do it all the time. Cartoonists do it all the time. And even the masters used a grid system to get forms and placement as an underpainting technique. Tracing in this way is not too far different from that, in my opinion.

Additionally, who is to say that some of the other works in this gallery have not used the same technique? Only one image, and one person, is being called out. I don’t know the answer, and frankly I’m not concerned. I loved the Uma drawing and I’m fine with the steps taken to get to the end result. Maybe no one else agrees with me on this, I don’t know… Just my opinion.

I downloaded the movie.
Im dissapointed that from all the nice PaintStop works this one was chosen for top row. And yeap, Im pretty sure many others used the same “trick”.

Congrats to the others, I really like the alien creature walking on the red sand and moni poroni`s cartoony image.

I agree. And this is why I lost my love for 2D. It’s difficult appreciate the effort and skill that goes into something if you can’t verify the methods used. This is slowly starting to happen with 3D as well. 3D scanners will do for 3D what digital cameras did for 2D.

Although from Michael’s movie I can see he’s worked hard and so I definitely don’t want to bash him, and that’s why I apologized.

I just have issues with 2D in general, it kinda seems redundant these days. In the old days painting was necessary as it was the only means to record something.

But I do see how the process of painting can still be a good way to study nature and life in general. It encourages us to observe, but this is all still very personal. It’s not like in the old days when a great painting was magical and people would stare at it wondering how the hell the artist managed to produce it.

These days I just think “Ah, he probably passed a photo through a photoshop filter…” and if he didn’t then I’m left wondering “Well why didn’t they just save time and pass the image through photoshop?”. Poor buggers can’t win…

Your artwork pwns. I’m a Game Art and Design major and appreciate the inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share with the zbrush community.