Pablov3d Art Dump


hello ,
have been a wile since posted in ZBC.
here are some works, i ve been done the past few years. hope you like them!! :slight_smile:

the dragon will produce as amodel kit by:





Love the Dragon, the wings are an awesome size (really digging that). The base is cool as well, just having a problem with it’s size. From the front view, it looks overwhelming. In my ‘personal opinion’, if you were to cut it at the bridge, or in other words, the bridge alone I think would suffice (not to mention, save you money on material, and shipping cost). To me, this would most certainly make the Dragon seem large, but most importantly (again, in my opinion), give full attention/focus to the Dragon. Other than that, way, way cool work!! Best.


thanks dragon,:+1:
yes the base will be cut off for the model kit, it is too big to print,






No base, cool deal. Love the ‘cat’ sculpt. Keep at it. And best of luck with everything!


thanks man!


oh wow, such great stuff here, especially that dragon and the big cat! Huge high five sir


Still rooting you on from afar. ;):+1:


thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, This is Transformers Diorama I sculpted last year for IMAGINARIUM ART.

-Art direction by  Pablood Z,  concept  by Leo Silva- 

This project was 50% done in zbrush and % 50 in Sofimage XSI,

(Sketched in zbrush, retopo en XSI, then detailed and posed in Zbrush,
Rendered in Keyshot.)




Very impressive and clean work!


thanks :slight_smile:


That came out very cool! Your going into my favorite artists folder.


thanks man :smiley:


amazing workmy friend!


Thank you Feli!


is unbelievable that this didn’t make top row!


an amazing piece. Can you share an WIP images on your workflow with sketching in ZBrush and then refining the new topo in ZBrush? Do you use ZModeler at all?