Otto (Wip)

Here is my latest work.
It’s still a work in progress. The Base mesh was created in Maya, as usual, then imported in Zbrush, smoothed up to 400 000 polys, detailled, dropped in 2.5D mode, then i added the color and the skin details, pores…
I just made slightly color correction in Photoshop.

Nice model you got there. In My opinion, I think the eyes are a bit too shiny… But the rest looks great!!

Skin looks great… :+1: the hair could do some work though :slight_smile:

very cool head but the ear and the hairs need more work :slight_smile:

I sorta like it as is, unique look. It’s interesting how we all project what we think something should look like… as the way one should have done it. :wink:

Wow!!Very good looking!!!Keep it up…




hey, really nice. love the creepy look of insanity he has, also love the hair, gives him a max headroom feel :slight_smile:

the smile looks kind of weird given that the teeth are lit from above within the mouth. the skin detail is great, perhaps it could be a little bit more pronounced here and there (lips) , I especially like the skin folds around the eyes, suberb! also the skin shader/light setup is great, any chance you could shed some erhm ‘light’ on your settings? assuming that it was rendered in zbrush.

also would love a front render!

keep it up, top notch :+1:

Here is the final version of this head…
I’ll work on some clothes…




impressive job, very nice work, no crits here.

He looks a bit like that Reichsmarschall Goering dude from WWII,
with dyed hair. Same grin.

If you´re going for that look and search for some inspiration,
there´s either the Osprey Publishing Men at Arms series
for WWII uniforms or maybe even something at google.

That Goering guy had his uniforms customized for effect.
Pretty weird look resulting, a mix of kinglike attitude and
off proportions. Fat belly.



P.S: I really like your craftmanship - not Goering, btw.

Looks great!! The skin holds up really well under that close up…as well as the teeth etc. And super nice touch with the light eyelashes…don’t see those too often!

Given his grin…me thinks he better have some clothes on…cuz he looks like he’s liking being naked a little toooooo much!:smiley:

well, the skin texture ended up being just as excellent as the wip suggested. and the wrinkles around the eyes are just amazing! also, was this rendered in zbrush? if so, any chance you’d like to share some of your light/material/texture settings?, because there is such a marvelous lush feeling to the render and the texture/material is just as good! it comes off as something between a photo and a acrylics/airbrush painting, which is simply superb.

oh and I finally figured out who he reminds me of, Ray Baker as the salesman in Total Recall.

Hmmm how did you do the eye lashes? Painted on, or geometry?
Amazing all rounder.

Wow, this model looks a lot like L Ron Hubbard!!!


when i see these awsome models i enter on a depresion :frowning:

You’ve got a great look with this character. I really like the ways that you’ve exaggerated some of the facial details. Very nice work.

I think though that you need to move or remove that large reflection in his eyes. It’s crossing the pupil and almost totally obscures it. It really wrecks the upper face and makes his eyes look almost reptilian. There’s no ‘center’ in this image to rest ones gaze and the portrait is almost uncomfortable to look at because of this.

Great work, I llike the render ( illustration like) :wink:

Here are some videos showing the creation process of the head :

Part 1 : Basic modeling

Part 2 : detailing the model using the deco brush


Part 3 : how to create Skin pores textures…


have fun and merry christmas to everybody.