Other free applications discussion thread

Cool news indeed. I read it a the Blender Artists forum. Cycles has also got an upgrade with NVIDIA OptiX:

…and this one! AMD Radeon ProRender!
Works even you have not an AMD card! :crazy_face:

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Bien sur! Also a very competent renderer. Used it for a while, and I’m keeping track of its development.

Then there’s Luxcorerender and Appleseed, also very potent and free renderers:



So you can use the free Blender and choose between these free renderers (in alphabetical order):

  • Appleseed
  • Cycles
  • Eevee
  • Luxcorerender
  • Octane (free with certain conditions)
  • Prorender

Renderman also used to be usable in Blender, but not (yet) in 2.8.

For hobbyist my favorite are the free Simlab Composer Lite (max 1920 * 1080) (and the incredible TwinMotion seen few posts above)
Not headaches … so simple! Funny to use! Real time progressive render…
…and big advantage can mix quasi any 3D files in the same time!
(update to the last version so this video has some delay…(V 7 …V 9)

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A fascinating thread .

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Sure! :wink: Some other ones…
Aerialod With little cubes! :slight_smile: maxi 16 384 * 16 384 !

Cables A node system on steroïds !

A classical and funny Cad nurbs light ! DesignSpark Mechanical

A Mechanical Sparks object rendered here with the free Simlab Composer Lite max 1920 *1080

Free Material Maker Standalone! for create procedural textures

OnShape A monster CAD online :slight_smile:

Jsplacement 3 seconds making :slight_smile:

All becomes free!!!

Works fine with the free Twinmotion by Import FBX + Textures

Surrely with the Zbrush FBX plugin too else export in OBJ will make the trick!


Welcome back @Frenchy_Pilou . You were gone for quite a while. Nice to see you back. I always liked your posts. You always have something interesting.


A terrific texture editor is became free!

Free MagicaVoxel by EPHTracyhad now a terrific resolution with the free Zarbuz plugin File2vox !
By Zarbuz

For put any file 3D inside MagicaVoxel! (so Zbrush files! - make maybe some decimate before :wink:

Sorry in French but you can put the automatic English SubTitles!

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The skilled coder who created the fabulous MagicaVoxel editor has started working on a new tool featuring Signed Distance Fields. It looks very promising.

Wait for the second half of the video to see the live editing of the model.

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https://www.piskelapp.com Free Online Sprite Editor (local also)

3D Builder (integrated inside Windows)
Take any 2D image and transform it in 3D then save as some 3D formats!

A new one Dust3D https://dust3d.org
Like ZSphere but in Plane(s) :slight_smile:

Free: TerreSculprtor

Neobarok 2 the return always free… http://neobarok.com/

https://demos.littleworkshop.fr/infinitown (Mouse wheel for rotate the view)

Mini progs Online (MrDoob is the creator of the “Three.js” language !!! )

Like Harmony…Interface minimum for Maximum Painting result! My try of the day :slight_smile:

or https://demos.littleworkshop.fr/infinitown

https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk All for the musician! :sunglasses:

https://armorpaint.org https://youtu.be/c-dB5OrBZMg


some really cool programs posted here Pilou. Sweet :slight_smile:

CadRAYS Render for nurbs prog but also for other formats! :wink:

For enlarge your images Online 6 filters formats - max input 4 100* 4 1000 or 5 Megs Output max in x or y 4 500 pixels

I think it’ll be such an important event because computer vision it’s a step into the future. I also read more information here Who uses such technologies?

Ever heard of trueSpace?

Oh yes started with GameSpace then went on to TrueSpace 7, it’s still available at https://united3dartists.com/

Cool free things :slight_smile:

ArtBreeder free for 5 personnal images uploadable !
But free with existing images!

The Christmas gift of Taron! http://www.taron.de/Vervette/sandbox/
It’s not solid painting! Taron is also the creator of Verve! :sunglasses: http://www.taron.de/
My little try of Vervette “Online”! :wink:

else http://monstermash.zone

Amazing :smiley: I am a music lover, so I usually download music on SoundCloud Downloader to save them on my laptop to listen to them when I’m free. Besides, sometimes I use TikTok Downloader to download my favorite videos.

http://www.taron.de/Vervette/sandbox/ is too much! :sunglasses: (On line)

Astonished! :sunglasses: