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Sometimes your surfing the web and you find some neat programs for free. Here are 2
Gloodle and Teddy. Have fun playing with them.
smooth teddy

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the best freebie program i have seen is gmax at descret you can find it it has some powerfull tools for modling :+1:

Hi Ramon
I shall try Gloodle as a fan of Google :smiley:
Ps I have not all asbsolutly understand?
Is it a program who can work alone ?
It’s a sort of little 3Dmax?
You can create a model 3D and animate it without another thing ?
Or you must have a “game” and use Gmax for edit a model 3D of this game?

Well, thanks for sharing this info with us. I am always looking for something new to mess around with and freebees are best!! Thanks again for being so thoughtful.

great programs, thanks! Who knew I’d be painting teddy bear heads, I immediately thought of Pilou upon seeing Gloodle.

Particle Illusion looks pretty awesome!

Gmax has to be used with a game and I think can only be used to create content for a game.

Quicky try of Gloodle :smiley:
(free prog see first post of this thread)
It’s a Kaleidoscopic programm :slight_smile:
Very simple to use :slight_smile:
Have Fun Gloodling!
Ps the image above is not a Zbrush Image !
Just a gloodle image :roll_eyes:
Pss His Jpg compression makes a little foggy so save in Bmp and after in Jpg in your favorite drawing prog :slight_smile:

very very nice link

I had tested Teddy some years ago whereas it was that in black and white since it evolved considerably thank you very much

are you saw “clothing” ??

amazing!!! pixolator … can you do same tool into Zbrush ??

please look at the video demonstration
Video Sweater clothing (140Mo)

I tries smooth Teddy once but uninstalled it as it did not do what I expected! Thansk for sharing the links. :slight_smile:

a little free tool, named Zpaint.

Cool prog Fouad
Here the site of the author :slight_smile:(another cool little prog in it)

another 3d tool, without render, can export to Renderman render.
it have an nice recording session module.

and here a painter like:
Project Dogwaffle

Supercool Fouad!
Dogwaffle has fantastic optipustic :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Not a program but you might have some use of free webhosting for 3 years. No popups or banners. I just found this today. 500mb space 5g bandwith/month, and I think 50 email boxes.1and1

For programs
Maya Learning Edition

Softimage EXP Learning edition

Houdini Apprentice


a little tool very usefull.

grab a web page into an image (with all scroll lengh).


Hi Fouad
Je ne comprends pas bien la finalité de la chose :roll_eyes:
Pourtant j’ai lu la doc, mais quelque chose m’échappe !
Peux-tu résumer ?
Pilou perplexe
Capturer une page web dans une image ?
C’est cela ?
Equivalent à un “print écran” en plus puissant ?
L’exemple image donné est illisible !
Sert juste pour le design général ?

translation :slight_smile:
What is this and interest ? :slight_smile: A print screen evoluate? :slight_smile:

Very useful utility and smart idea!
Thanks for the link!

certaines fois il est utile d’avoir une capture image d’une page web, seulement quand tu fais un capture d’une page web où tu dois scroller sur la hauteur tu dois t’y prendre à plusieurs fois pour capturer la totalité de la page.

cet utilitaire te capture la page sur toute sa hauteur… a toi de determiner la hauteur de la capture en pixel.

lances le soft… tapes une url, nommes l’image qui va en resulter, et fais “go”

regardes l’image ensuite tu comprendras…

evidement captures une page ou tu dois jouer de l’ascenseur pour voir la suite.

BoF :smiley:
Why not simply save it as a page? :slight_smile:

très utile pour un web Designer Pilou.
pour vérifier l’intégralité d’une page web ou pour imprimer un compte rendu de création de site.
Si tu n’es pas dans cette catégorie de gens…
effectivement Bof…
aucun interet pour toi.

very useful for a Web Designer Pilou.
to check the integrality of a Web page or to print a report of creation of site.
If you are in this category of people.
indeed BOF… no interest for you.

Capturer une page web dans une image ?