Other free applications discussion thread

Sert juste pour le design général ?

Hi Rtyer
that’s meaning just
to check the integrality of a Web page into an image
for verify the all design
Sorry for the no translation :slight_smile:
Useful for just a little number of personne :slight_smile:
Only web designers as said Fouad :smiley:

Pilou no apology required.
Someone reads this, thinks I know french,
asks me to dinner.
Pleasure all mine.

ahahaha Rtyer :smiley:
your french language is very good. :wink:

In fact Rtyer, not only for web designers
you can use it for to grab some tutorials on the web.
you have certain times some web sites with frames or processes anti-grab, this small software enables you nevertheless to make a capture of the totality of the page in order to consult it off line.

I have not think of that :slight_smile:

Another power tool “must have”
and free !!!

as hypercam … or (little) camtasia.
you can choose entire screen, area or window.
put date time, and overlay text (as signature)


you can now, do your video tutorial/demonstration

If I well understand this program works in background for recording that’s on the screen ? (without camera)
Multi work ?
No risk of conflict ?
Have you try it ?
Strong as a turk :slight_smile:

yes pilou it work perfectly… and…
OF course multitasking!!!
what will you do with an screen recorder witch opened only himself…? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

a free “Graffiti 3D” really cool.

it import raw format for 3d objet, then you can use this free 3D format converter witch have the needed import and export format.

hi fouad, you want to kill Texture Master ? :smiley:

Pilou: gmax=stripped down version of MAX, standalone, you can use it to build content for some games that are supporting gmax.

NO watermark on your work, fine for learning pushing vertices around in general, and fine for learning MAX without time-pressure.

Hi Ze
I know to use 3D MAX from version Dos System (3DStudio) :smiley:
For use Gmax you must have also a special addon GamePack of each games else nothing is possible :smiley:
Example for the Train

Pilou I found especially for you this old version of Zbrush made for the little computers…
(not free but you can play with it) :smiley: :smiley:

PilouBrush :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

hi,i think there is already a link but im not sure. www.ppmodeler.com

Hi Fouad
Voxel 3D has been copying for the Make 3D Alpha in Zbrush :smiley:

Hi Manitu
I am always astonished by a prog made by only one personn !
This one seems marvellous, i shall try it, and it’s made by a frenchy :sunglasses:
Thx for the link!

i think you will like it pilou.its a easy tool with a good manual. :slight_smile:

@Pilou: gmax=standalone=you don’t need those games.

Hi ze
I precise ThastI said from here in french here
“Par contre, gMax seul n’est pas suffisant. Chaque jeu possède des spécificités particulières. Il est donc nécessaire de patcher gMax. Ces patchs sont les Gamepacks.” I translate :slight_smile:
Gmax alone is not sufficent :slight_smile:
Each games possess particular specificities :slight_smile:
Patching Gmax should be necessary :slight_smile:
These patchs are the “GamePacks” as these
It’s that I said on my previous post :smiley:
So Gmax don’t work ALONE :smiley:
And more, you can just export in *.gmax (for the games)

And if you want make something for “Sim City” you can’t because editor of Sim City has not made the “gamePack” for Gmax :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Am I more clear? :slight_smile:
A gamepack is not a “Game” :slight_smile:
You right on one point Gmax is very good for training :slight_smile:
Yes and for editing something for a particlar game :slight_smile:
Pilou put point on the i :smiley:
Ps a list of gamepack can be found
here :slight_smile:

Try the free section of this website…


In the Reactor link above I found that (a mega Wings :smiley:
Silo learning
Very design interface!
You can work on the complete Version except plug-in but just save one object with less 100 faces ! (smoothing possible :D)
(but nothing against a Snapshoot screen :roll_eyes:
It’s not so bad ! :smiley:
Ps On A PC I “block” my new machine with “Silo learning” with the mouse!!! have you had such thing ? Maybe just an unlucky manipulation ???

Another question :roll_eyes:
Whith the new compute there is not more button for stop when you are crashed !!!
The principal button for “On” don’t stop because it’s Xp who closed the compute !
The Alt+Ctrl+ Del don’t working have you another solution for re-initialize except the plug off electricity ?
Thx by advance :slight_smile:

No block again from the last time :slight_smile:

if you want something free and powerfull.
use this amazing software.
little (1.2Mb unzipped), but a concentration of power.
really nice modeler (polygon or spline) animation (look’s like Animation master), multiview etc…

and all of that for free !!!

the author of this program is developper for Nvidia (good reference :smiley: )