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Moment of Inspiration
Free Beta to December 2006 :wink:
Nurbs modeler using the graphic pen :eek:
My first steps in a second :rolleyes:

Please, Pilou, say that it is because of some rare devine powers that makes you come up with links like this as long as I can remember!! :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

…It’s a terrific prog! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
Very smooth with the pen graphic! What a true gem ! :+1:
Sketchup + Rhino = Moment Of Inspiration ! :sunglasses:




That looks like fun to use, but what are the export options for it?

…only 3dm (rhino3D format) for save , export, import!

export options for it?

It’s a very young green prog and the author will be make first the creative geometric functions :wink:
Don’t remember, it’s only a beta test :slight_smile:

About time to get into NURBS, finally?
Lofting instead of pushing vertices around - could be fun.

One wish, though: Pilou, if you could find (I am sure you will!!) a program that does all the combined learning for me (ZBrush, Silo, Maya, MOI…)!?

(I am sure you will!!)
Try this one :lol:
Have fun learning! :cool:

Ps For MoI I don’t take any risk : it’s easy to sniff the smell of a futur hit!
the guy has some background :wink:

Michael Gibson: “There’s a big link, because I created Rhino when I worked for Robert McNeel”

see this interview :rolleyes:

First time I see a programm that looks easy to work with nurbs…

A great program! Thanks Pilou. :slight_smile:

… have seen the interview of this “one-man-show”. Interesting stuff there.

Blob >> guess I’ll give it to my grandsons - if I can do without it;)!
Thank you for a link to something simple (without being boring)!!

…by Grendel :slight_smile:

sweet application, is there a free way to convert rhino files to 3dm?

is there a free way to convert rhino files to 3dm?

A rhino file format is “3dm” so don’t understand :rolleyes:

…Enlighting by Marcus :idea: :wink:

sorry pilou, was confusing things. How do you get this over to carrara?

btw very nice render marcus

Carrara can read .3dm files :sunglasses: !

auauaua, mine cant, probably thats for pro only :frowning:

I have the Pro :smiley: from the cheap DAZ deal like the other cool kid’s :lol:



You can import 3dm files directly into Carrara 5 Pro (not sure about the standard version).

Glad you like the render! :slight_smile:

EDIT: sorry for the repetition! :o


Thank you, lemmonado, for pointing out the “cool kid” issue!!
Finally I really am something:D (somewhat?)!!