Original Ghostbusters for 3d print WIP thread


This is a project Ive been working on in my spare time: torso/busts of the original four Ghostbusters for eventual output from my Form2 Printer. Some bits are further along than others, I’m trying to go back & forth to bring them all along at the same time but Ray & Egon are the furthest along right now :slight_smile:





all 4 early print.jpg






Nice print, what settings did you use for printing the head on the Form2, i thought that SLA printers get more detail in their prints than FDM printers like mine but i can still see the layer lines.

Looks awesome.
wish I had a form labs 3d printer.
I just have an FDM type.

WOW!! Great work!!

Thanks Guys.

The Form2 is very good & Im very happy with it - for some reason I have a region in the build plate that shows build lines a bit on just one side of the print, I need to get in touch with support but in the mean while I’ve been working around it.

Small update : revisions to Bill Murray’s portrait & resultant test print


Slowly turning polygons into atoms…

Ray test print #1 wip


Small update on Ray:


These are some great prints, not easy to do. Really inspiring. The sculpts are also totally recognizable as well.

Spot on!

Thanks guys :smiley:

Here’s another update: Proton Pack & left arm added to Ray’s build:|


looks fantastic :slight_smile: really cool project!

really good scott, really fan of your work :slight_smile: Why do you have the faceted base, is it by the impression or by compressing the file you send to the printer?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The base geo will need to be up-rezzed & reprinted, the faceting was an accident.

This whole print/build is a prototype so I can evaluate how well the sculpt works as a physical object as well as identifying changes I need to make to avoid problems with mold making.

Another update to Ray: all his parts in place now



great work man. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
how do you fix the problem of the perspective view in zbrush for work in likeness? do you think 26 angle of view is correct??
thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Antonio -

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not a huge fan of the camera in ZB, but it works well enough. Generally, I set the camera to between 15-30 to evaluate a likeness. I also change matcap materials frequently because I feel like can each display/disguise different aspects of the surface. Ill also shoot the model out to Maya to evaluate with a more realistic camera. And for projects like this where Im going to be making a physical object, Ill start doing test prints early to see the real object & make changes based on that.


thanks for the information Scott really appreciated, i will try this things and save money to buy one formlab, i’m very excited about 3d print world and all possibilities :smiley: keeping up!

Some more progress: Working on refining Egon & Winston portraits. Test prints on my Form2 using FL’s new V3 resin for the first time - love this resin!


Great progress Thanks for sharing. The Form2 output quality really is amazing. Do you have much experience with PLA printers?

Keep going, can’t wait to see more.