Original Ghostbusters for 3d print WIP thread

Thanks Infinite!

Yes - Ive been 3d printing since 2013. I have 3 FDM/PLA printers: a heavily modified Replicator 2 (my first printer) as well as 2 custom larger format “from scratch” builds based on Replicator hardware with corexy motion systems. I also messed around with building a few resin printers before i bought the Form2.

The Form2 is great & worth the $$ if you have the budget. really easy to use & great results. Supplies are on the pricey side, but I’ve done so much tinkering over the years that I appreciate a printer that just works :slight_smile:

Great info, all understood. I might go down the Form2 path not sure yet, looks messy/smelly!! :slight_smile:

Still getting to grips with the Witbox2. Awesome printer but a real struggle without a heated bed, especially when printing large.

Your work is an inspiration.

beautiful outputs…
this sure is very inspiring.


This is the completed V2 of Ray Stantz. He’s heading out as a gift to someone in a couple of days, so I wanted to do a photo shoot to get some good images before he leaves.


Printing out the masters now for molds. R8 came out just in time to make some adjustments MUCH easier than they were in the past :smiley:




Its been a long time since I did an update, Egon is done and Winston is almost done:

54727309_10102494002595997_849015086235254784_o 55576253_10102494002730727_5499548796092153856_o 54524699_10102494002561067_133867795539558400_o

Venkman is next!