Omars sketches

Hi ZBC! Same old story here. Long time lurker finally deciding to suck it up, quit being scared, and put some stuff out there for feedback. I’ve learned so much from this great community already and hopefully this thread will serve as motivation for me to learn even more!

Dont want to spam you guys with all my doodles, but these are some things I’ve worked on the past couple of months. :slight_smile:

The Amazon warrior was a project I did as an intern for TNG Visual Effects recently. The rest is just fun personal works. Some done very quickly, some took longer than I’d like to admit.












And some more work!


Last nights sculpt. Any comments and crits always welcome!

Is this forum dead, or what!? :rolleyes:

These are outstanding sculpts, I wish I was as comfortable with the tools as you are,
I’m a traditional sculptor myself (Plasticine is my friend!) and I’m still trying to get used
to my wacom, as it still feels really disconnected to work with!

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Oh man, thank you so much for the reply and the kind words! :slight_smile:

When I started this thread I was glued to the computer for two days waiting for feedback that never came.

My background is the opposite. I started learning 3ds Max 3 years ago and then started playing around with Zbrush and fell in love.
I had no traditional art skill, but I’ve been studying as much as I can trying to get there. I recently started getting into clay sculpture
and I’m right about to finish up my first go at it. A 1/2 scale Patrick Stewart head in medium chavant. It took forever, but I just
had to get used to the tools and the feel of clay. Now I love it! So I just ordered a bunch of armature wire, more tools, 12 lbs of
green chavant, a turn table and some sculpting dvds. Should be here next week! Kind of odd that I’m learning from the outside
in, going from digital to traditional, but its just so fun and even relaxing at times. And now that I’ve had some time with clay
I see exactly what you’re saying about the disconnected feeling of the Wacom. Nothing beats having the piece right there
in your hands.

Anyways, thanks again man. Really glad you stopped by and I’ll post some more stuff here soon!

Had some time to play in ZB this morning! Started sculpting Sandor from Game of Thrones, but got side tracked and ended up with this instead. Comments and crits ALWAYS welcome. :slight_smile:

yep, you’ve got nice sculpts in your thread;), keep posting!!:+1:

Haha looks like Sandor to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool man. Love the teeth and ears.

Small nit picky crit: I don’t think the crack texture on the chin really fits with the rest of the sculpt. They just seem hap-haphazardly thrown on there.

Hey, thanks guys.

And yeah, I did get lazy on the chin… I had an idea, but I didnt really follow through with it. Definitely a lazy effort. :lol:

I had some time to get back in ZB for a bit and I’ve been playing around with polypaint, bpr, materials, lightcaps… just pressing buttons and hoping for the best!


Very immpresive as for “just pressing buttons and hope” :):+1:

Thanks nebular. I start out doing things that make sense, but then end up getting lost. :lol:

The way materials, lightcaps and bpr interplay with each other is still very confusing to me, but I’m figuring it out little bits at a time.

Cool design!!

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Between the advice you gave me and some of the books I just bought I hope to step it up here soon. I have a couple of cool ideas, now I just need to make em happen.

Nice post icon huh? :lol:

I started this model a while back as a bunch of separate pieces and finally got around to merging it all together at a somewhat low res with the new Qremesher feature.
Really a great time saver.

I really want to push this thing and make a good portfolio piece. I have a ton of ideas for clothing, armor, weapons, etc… but I wanted to get some feedback here first.
I’m posting some ortho and some perspective shots. I like the proportions so far, but a fresh pair of eyes is always nice. Any comments, crits, or advice is VERY welcome!


I don’t know why but I wan’t to spank your thunbnail for all these great sculpts and for the smile of this last guy :cool:


Thanks for stopping by Nebular.

I hoped it would work as an attention grabber haha! Mission accomplished. :cool:

Well, not much time for personal projects lately, but I have made some minor progress on my pig beast dude thing.

I’m wondering should I ditch the horns and tusks? (images on previous page). Or just do more to flesh them out? I liked them at first, but now… eh, I dunno.

Anyways, comments and crits are always welcome!


Looking good dude, as for the tusks and horns. Think you should keep the horns but ditch the tusks, they feel i little out of place. That is just my opinion.
Keep it up dude


Hey ArtViking thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

You’re definitely right about the tusks. They just felt like a tacked on distraction. I’ve been working on this guy with both the tusks and horns turned off for now trying to feel things out.
I’ll probably keep the horns, but play with the placement till something feels right. Hopefully be posting an update soon!