Omar Mansour Sketchbook


am working on a caricatur of habib el adly the former minister of interior
am portraying him in the blue jail jumpsuit, as the existing judges
were trying to support him not being on trial for killing many protestors in the egyptian revolution
crits are highly welcommed as am looking to increase my skills
i started out by sketching him first then i worked on zbrush zspheres
to rough him out,now am working on the topology here are the pics


here are the sketches i have drawn for this bust

and a few refrences for you to critque the work better




the latest updates on my work,i finished retopology and worked on the eyetexture now remains working on the forms and giving him details


worked more on the forms and major wrinkles


i reworked on the shading of this model to get a better result
a few concepts i misunderstood made a huge difference in my render
am testing around to get a a good sense of shading skin to get ready
for rendering the caricature just to get back in form


ooo Omar is here…
how is it going brother, long time no talk!
good study man …keep up the good stuff
Mohamed Aly :smiley:

Very nice work mate!! :smiley:

rabieart-thanks for your comment
belal-nice seeing you here man and thanks a lot for you comment

more updates on the character8.jpg

My work!

thanks a lot, i like your nazi general man

you should put him in a little suit and fill his pockets with all the pricless egyptian artifacts he stole lol

good job dude love it

more work on wrinkles and detailing


and the uvs

which program are you using for the UV’s ?

i have used maya for the uvs trying to have good skills in uving in maya improving by time, i can barely use uv layout though and 3d coat uv system much easier and faster but as i said uving in maya is really enjoyable
i love uvs man :smiley:

thanks for your comment racoonie,yeah am trying to pull a caricature on him

i see very visible seams :S

the head and neck are one piece sparky the shoulder seam is showing because he will wear a jacket on top as for the seam on the head it will be covered by hair but its far away from the forehead area thanks for your notice

Oooooooh…hehe the nice thing about that sculpt is that you can see character in him, looking forward to see him progress :slight_smile: