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ZBrush Document2.jpg

My first work in Zbrush. I would like to color or texture it, but i have no idea how. Now i am trying to texture it in cinema 4D but I dont have good materials so it is quite trouble for me…

thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Here is a speed sculpt of a wizard. No details or anything else, just relaxing :slight_smile:

A new piece of art I am working for a collaboration with my friend. Comments would be pefect ! Thanks

using displacement map :slight_smile:

Whole time spent on this little guy was 1,5 hour. Hope you like it :slight_smile: C and C are welcome :slight_smile:

alienis.jpganother speed sculpt :slight_smile: CandC are welcome :slight_smile:



Hello my friends please i need help! this is what happened to me, and I want you to ask, ho to make the back to look like it is not just piece of flat group of polygons, but to add it some thickness, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

I get my first tablet for the christmas and I have to say, that working with it is absolutely awesome :slight_smile: it is Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch and I love it :slight_smile: I know its not the most professional stuff on market, but for that price its more than good:)
So here is the first work I did with it :slight_smile:

night triny.jpg

beautiful work.just love it.and glad you got a tablet.look forward to seeing what you do next.Good luck.;):wink:

Very nice final result !
nice composition , i love it!

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile: I am glad that you like it, and happy that you spent some time to leave your opinion :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

nace work!

This little guy was 3D printed :slight_smile: hope you like it :slight_smile: It will go to the acetone and then a mate white spray. Then I will post some more photos of him :slight_smile:




zc1.jpgzc2.jpg hello guys, new personal work finished, hope you like it :slight_smile:

hey man,long time didn’t check your gallery.this one looks really cool.I especially like his dynamic pose & the post effects.keep it up.;):wink: