Old Hunter w.i.p.

I´ve started this model two days ago, I´m still working on details in Zbrush but in one day or two I plan to start texturing his head. Then, modeling the upperbody and sometime in the near future he´s going to become a low poly character too, hehehe.

Comments and critics are welcome and fundamental!





That’s too good to be healthy. Sheesh Antropus, now you, Brazil definetly is producing a lot of exceptional modelers. I don’t understand the topology of the ear. Do you have a frame view of just the ear? And how come your detailing the head so much this early rather than roughing out the body?

First of all, thanks for the compliment, really!

And about the ear, I´m at home right now, but tomorrow I´m gonna post a screenshot of the low poly ear topology. One thing about it is that I´ve done it as simple as I could, to see how far I could go by sculpting it entirelty in Zbrush.

And about detailing, the old hunter is gonna be wearing a shirt, so right now I don´t plan to model his body, despite of the fact that I´ve already built his low poly´s body mesh. But it´s more a question of deadline Thanks again and tomorrow and in the next days I´m gonna keep posting screenshots of the work.


It’s looking really nice right now. It must be something in the water down in Brazil, maybe if I move there I could become a better sculpter.:wink: Is this gonna be your average deer and squirrel hunter, or are you gonna get weird on us and give him crazy space armor and say he hunts aliens on the planet Aldhvoauhe? I’d like to see something even less conventional, how about a 1700’s hunter with dainty clothes and a big musket, maybe some hounds. Huh… huh…? Ok, your the artist, I leave it in your hands.

this is really good work, cant wait to see it all together.

Looking pretty awesome so far. Looking forward to some updates. :+1:

Thanks guys, I´m really glad you are enjoying the character. Monday I´ll start the texture painting, I´m collecting a few references for the skin tones, then I´m gonna build my base color pallete and then I´m going for the fun. I´m still not sure if I add a hat or not, but probably yes, due to the game proposal it´s gonna be part of.

And about doing it as a crazy alien hunter or something else, that would be really cool! After finishing the “formal version”, I´m gonna work on something more “unusual”, nice ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Back with my character, now I got time to work a couple of days in the textures using projection master and ZapLink, mostly diffuse and specular maps, plus a few tweaks to create a bump map too, to be used in rendering. And the eyebrows, done with hair in max 9. Rendered using Mental Ray, SSS Fast Skin shader

I still need to add hair around the eyes (I forgot the name of it in english, hehehe), refine the specular map, fix some stufs in the bump map (see side view, the pores are too big and constant), add the hat and shirt and a few more tweaks.

Opinions, critics and comments are welcome and most needed!





The eyes feel like they are made of glass. The color seems wrong for a human. Everything else is perfect! How are you doing the eyebrows? I see little hairs sticking out in the sideview!

I agree with womball about the eyes looking a bit like glass and the eye color is a bit unnatural looking. Maybe if you make it a lighter shade it would work. By the way, the hair around the eyes are called eye lashes in english :D. Keep it up! :+1:

Whoa he doesn’t have eye lashes!

What’s with the smart comment womball? Did you even bother reading catata’s post? :confused:

Thanks guys for the comments, I´m gonna keep working, do some tests here to see how I can improve my character´s color. And about the eyes, do you guys think they look like glass in any of the perspectives? Even the frontal one?
In ths side views, I agree that their internal specularity are too strong, too sharp. I´m gonna fix that :slight_smile:

And thanks again,

P.S.: And about the eyebrows, I´ve done them using 3ds max hair modifier.

After two weeks of vacation, I got back, hehehe…

Here is the latest version of my character, I´m still working on the eyebrows and probably the shirt too, plus some eye shading tweaking.

Opinions, comments and critics are welcome and needed!


keep it up!!!:+1:

Ricardo, this is fantastic work! A couple small crits, his eyelashes look a little clumpy for a man and they could use a slight curl to them. Also the reflection of the eyes and the texture of the iris look a little weird to me. Check this thread out;


Still it’s looking great, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Not my favorite subject, but you’ve created a great piece. I have a crit about the eyes as well. I agree about the lashes, but the eye ball texture is bothering me. The transition from iris to the white part of the eyeball is too sharp. The white of the eye ball is too white and clean for someone his age. The iris also needs some more definition in the texture, it’s too smooth right now. Other than that, great work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the coments an critics, guys. I agree with both and I´m gonna do some more mork on his eyes textures, the reflection shader/texture and the eyelashes. The fun thing is, I was bothered with his eyes and I didn´t know exactly why. I think it may happen in some level when you stay two much time in front of your work without a refresh :slight_smile:

Thanks again and on Monday I should be posting a revised version, these details are easy to be changed/fixed.


Here goes the intended final version, now I have to move on to the next character :slight_smile:
And I´d like really to thank you all for the comments and critiques, they really helped me improving the final results.

Thanks again,



Looks great Ricardo! :+1: