Old Hunter w.i.p.

WOW! Really great update. Looking forward to your next work.

Looks great and nice work! The only thing distracting me is the uniformity of the skin specularity. Needs to be broken up a bit more.

:smiley: this is awesome i really have learned alot from this keep up the good work. Your a strikingly good artist, it looks so real!

looking so awesome, no crits, just keep doing what you do :slight_smile: 5stars

Excellent work:D I love it

Cap is a little special :slight_smile:

congratulations for the top row!
great work!
Alex Oliver

Thanks guys, I´m really glad you liked my character and your critiques and comments were really usefull along the way.


P.S.: I hope to get started in my next character in one week or two, hehehe!

top row…it’s already there!!!

depth of field blur should be a little less on the shoulders.


Great work. The only problem I have is that the button on his collar is too small for a flannel. But I’m being picky. :lol:

I tend to agree with you. I don´t think it´s disturbing, but what you said makes sense :wink:


Awesome Render!
but there a point! the button size doesnt fit that :smiley:
keep it up

I´ve decided to do a few tests using HDR maps for rendering. It´s the first time I play with HDR maps and it looks really interesting…

Here goes an "outdoor" version of the Old Hunter I´d like to share with you guys, to see what you think. <b><!--[attach=48192]old_hunter_hdr_render.jpg</b><b>[/attach]--></b>![old_hunter_hdr_render.jpg|795x1000](upload://wSQGRQqQmuVH8MZdnce8CYbx7l8.jpeg)

catata i like your work , but i think the retina of his eyes is very big .

for example:

Which render did you use ?
Wanna share all your settings with us ?

would be cool

great work and keep on rock´n,

the only suggestion I would make is that you need to make the face a-symmetrical. No ones face is perfectly symmetrical in real life.

You can use he move tool to move one eye down, a nostril up, an ear down, etc.

hey. im currently working on my first realistic head. i was curious is you would upload your skin shader? or maybe link me to a good one. the one i have found doesnt look very good.

Great work Ricardo. . .I have to agree about the button though.
Even though it is being picky.

Being picky brings perfection.:smiley:

Keep em coming

the texture work is absolutely amazing… please post a how to tutorial… or atleast something to show how it was done!! great job!

:+1: WOW