odd Z character

I finally completed a full character in Zbrush!
Zbrush/ Rendered in 3dsMax


holy christ!

Looks great. Love all the folds in the clothes and that bandage, or is it a primitive girdle ;).

The style and the accessories make him look a part of the upcoming Oddworld game?

Cool. Maybe the rendering could have a little more contrast.

Good work.



nice .did you straight render the high poly .or use displacements on a lo ?


are you working on the next oddworld game? or is this an homage?
cool looking!

Great model !
It look like to Oddworld Inhabitant’s creation.

Ha! Now your talkin’ MY style…:smiley: Fun character. Wonderful modeling. Great texture work. My only crit is the lighting is too flat. Light that puppy up and show us all the wonderful model you worked so hard on…:wink:


great character! really beautiful!(in an ugly grumpy sort of way). nice costume details. great fun.

A great model deserves great a great lightjob…or try rendering it in Zbrush:+1:


Very very good job but try to render in ZB.

Awesome char


I love it :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
Amazing work !!!,
the style reminds me of the later work of the Belgium artist Franquin.


This looks like it came straight out of some animation production…just perfect.
Love the model and the detail, great color scheme. He is going: “What u looking at? Huh!” :smiley: Keep’em coming.

Great work…congrats…:slight_smile:


Well, it appears you have a winner, although the polling will continue. :smiley:

I love the texture on his toenails,great work with everything else too.

That’s pretty funny. I was looking at that thinking… what did he use Z-Brush for? Then I noticed it was all Z-Brush!


thanks all, Im glad you like it.

I would love to try and render him in Zbrush but I dont know much about Zbrushes render. any good tutorials?

also is it possible to put different materials (shaders) on different faces? example: if I wanted to shade his belt buckle with a chrome shader and his pants with a flat cloth like shader.

is this possible in Zbrush?