No F e a r!

I remember a difficult time in CG when there was no sculpting.All the poor 3d Artist could depend on, for modelling, were modelling apps.

The first time I tried ZBrush,
I was very happy and excited at all the new possibilities it offered.

Before Zbrush, Modelling has always been more technical for me.
Zbrush offered me the freedom to create my models with the constraints
of a traditional modelling workflow.

I started really enjoying 3d as well as making much more interesting and
detailed models.

Next I went about and tried other sculpting programmes available on the
market in the hopes of finding the best one for me.
Without a doubt ZBrush is still my absolute favourite! Thank you guys at
Pixologic for developing Zbrush!

Biggest part of “No Fear” i done in ZBrush. I really enjoyed creating this piece.

No Fear in his eyes…
I tried to make the brutal ,brave character, which dont know any fear in battle and in same time clever and noble, the Hero!
The Character which person can choose to play in future videogame or watch Cinematic of great battle.
I believe charisma is of great importance in creating a characters.
Character was done for Gameloft and lately was presented on CG exhibition in Singapore.






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Heya Neverwintered!

I like this very much. Its very original and I’ve never seen anything like this :slight_smile:
Top Row!:+1:

This is really amazing … great job, would have love to see the step by step … but amazing work man keep it up !!!

it’s so cool! very nice work!

I agree with TW17CH. It would be really awesome to have more information about the ZBrush features that you used here. For example, I can see that FiberMesh was used but people less experienced with ZBrush might have no idea.

Absolutely stunning! Sculpting is awesome! Shaders and textures are amazing. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Cool, he looks like a futuristic Knight. Great balance and amazing detail. I agree with Aurick, some step by step would help the rest of us (if you don’t mind and have the time). Best, Dragon.

GOD YES!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! This is the best model I’ve seen in ages. Reminds me of Kingdom under Fire.

Really strong and competent in every aspect! I also like your reminiscing about the 3d Dark Ages before we had ZBrush.
You really have crafted wonderful elements everywhere in the piece.

love himmm…frontpage bro!!!

Crazy wonderful thing!

Awesome work!

Congrats on getting TopRow, well deserved!!

ahhh. Congratulations on the Top Row!

This piece’s truly awesome!

Congrats on Top Row! This is Awesome and Insane! :)… Great piece and greatly executed! :slight_smile:

Awesome work - congrats.
What did you use for the rendering?

Excellent job!

Very impressive character!

good job mate.