No F e a r!

Awesome!! :+1:

killer piece

I love the sheer weight and attitude in this character. The toughness in the face stands out also. amazing job on this!

Man, this is one amazing piece of character design. He’s really evocative of a Diomedes or Hurin or Ilya Muromets type hero… just a badass of mythic proportions. You really get the idea that this guy could stand up to an army. So good.

I normally dont comment on these toprow threads. But man… this one reminds me of Guts from Berserk… but an awesome, realistic version of him. Great job man. Love it :+1:

Amazing!!! love the piece of work. Please share more Images, if u could post “making of” it will be delightful

i love the texture work … especially on the face how did you get that effect?

Great modeling and texturing. A badass feeling to this guy, except his expression. I think he’ll look better without it, or maybe another one.

That´s a sick job, congrats on the top raw!!

amazing,i really want to know you make the fur

Nice work yea there is no fear on his eyes.

Yes i feel the same way as you do, tradtional box ploymodelling is so anti-intuitive for the creation process
zbrush frees from all these constraints- its just amazing what you can do with it - without spending too much time on it!
I can see you results aree atounding! bvery good job sir ! congrats!

Just loved it!!

Thanks guys.
Im not allowed to talk about details of the way of creating characters in Gameloft but I can say that mostly I was able to reach such result because of new Zbrush technology!
For sure for my next personal artwork I will answer on any questions and upload some materials :wink:

One day maybe I will create something this awesome–right now it’s just an honor to hang and learn everything I can. Amazing piece, thank you for sharing!


VERY amazing work!! Truly epic and inspiring!

Amazing job, the metal textures are outstanding!!

epic work with zbrush! :+1: