Nimlot's Sketchbook

Since the begging of my modeling experience i’ve wanted to recreate myself in 3d… until now with less success. Now i think i’m close enough with it and after 3 weeks of modeling, texturing, tweaking and testing and more tweaking i’ll call it done.

Software used: 3ds max 2010 - mental ray for rendering Zbrush Photoshop Texture mostly hand painted in zbrush. I hope u will like this. [![me_0.jpg|1200x900](upload://8seF1byEf8a48mcoe25YKnTqrxa.jpeg)]![zbrush.jpg|1200x940](upload://s8ul9CGz9kWF77udVLEbrxl5Tn2.jpeg) Turntable: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB974_T7nBk](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB974_T7nBk) or [http://vimeo.com/12639842](http://vimeo.com/12639842) Timelapse: [http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/4088/me2l.gif](http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/4088/me2l.gif)




no feedback? :frowning:

Looking pretty good. I would add an occlussion map. This will help with the areas like nostrils ears, where the shirt meets the neck etc. Also you may try painting in just a little shadow for the hairline, nothing to dark. The eyes and irises look a tad big in the top render but I can’t be sure, no reference image to compaur too.
Overall looking very nice. :+1: :+1:

thanks for the feedback.
I will try to use an ao map to see how it works.
Here is one reference image.

I’d say its pretty spot on. Nice work! :+1:


Very good likness. Seeing the source photo brings all together.

Good job!!

why dont you add the reference image before.its very nice.my only critic will be to reduce the exposure and have some post effects.then done.welldone:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

i’ll try a new version today…maybe i’ll get some more closer.

well the sculpt looks good, close to ref

top of my observations,
eyes/ebrows/mouth wrong, close tho

face too long

Its really close just needs those little touches to the whole shape, keep going


The sculpt looks awesome something wrong in the render, but fix the eyes

the sculpting is really cool man! something weird with the eyes and the hair looks a lil fake though

but thats always what happens when you get into the hyper realistic stuff… the eye catches the most lil problems since we are used to see that kind of stuff everyday of our lives!

bottomline, i think it is an awesome piece!

My only criticism, and its minor… Is that the model seems to lack a little bit of the depth shown in the picture. maybe a tiny difference in the circumference of the upper portion of the head. but other than that you have the likeness very very close. This is a common issue i have noticed in 3D rendering based on photos. I think your eye dose a double take when comparing head shape to cranial circumference ratios. I think its very hard to get perfect. Well done. very impressive. You must work in the industry. :cool:

I suppose if the camera adds 10 lbs, then maybe 3D modeling removes it :lol:

Good! Better hair than we usually see on these boards, what were your steps for creating the hair? :question: :+1:

the difference from proportions come from the different camera used and different lens…the first image is with 22.3mm…the biggest value for my real camera. the moving camera is at 12 mm and quite close so that the lens deformation is higher. U can easy see the difference. It is very hard to approximate someone’s proportions using photos because every inch he is closer or if a photo is made with some zoom can easy change the final result.
If anyone know the default camera values for the perspective in zbrush i would really want to try and use those for a render.
Thanks for ur reply

Yes the hair looks a little fake though mostly because the hair is rendered with scanline and the skin with mental ray. Therefore the hair shadows are not getting through the sub surface scattering process. That’s why in some places it looks like just a layer on top of the rest of the image.
The eyes were quite a challenge for me. I’ve worked a lot on them using some reference photo…and after finishing i realized that the values are wrong with the scene i was working on…alone were looking good…compositing the scene…well…let’s just say that I wasn’t I. :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur reply. Yes…as i’ve said earlier it’s hard to compensate the lens deformation and get the exact ratio for ur model…maybe a scan will help me :smiley:

The hair is made with the default hair&fur in 3ds max…nothing fancy…just playing with the directional brush and 3-4 hair passes when rendered. Its not complex and not even very accurate…i think i’ll have to do better than this in the future. Oh yes…and it’s rendered with scanline.

What kind of brush or alpha you use for skin?
However good work ^^

i use some of the default alphas(04,08,22,58) with clay brush…and stroke mostly as spray…in some areas i use dragrect for more precision…nothing extraordinary…anyway i’ve looked a lot at some pictures to see how the different skin areas are blending.
Ty for ur comment.

worked a bit more on the textured. used aomap as rbarton suggested. also some love on the eyes.


Do you NOt have a spherical gradient on the eye? Something seems off about them. The overall render and lighting is great. Especially the hair.Nose doesn’t seem to have much depth, maybe the nostrils should be darked? There usually is a shadow there.

K. I took a break from my self portrait and worked on this fellow. Still a lot of things to do…but 1 step closer.


Great work!:+1:

Very cool last model!