Nimlot's Sketchbook

This is coming along beautifully! The eyes look fine when compared to your reference photo. It’s remarkable, really. :+1: :+1:

thank u. still something weird with them…i think the eyelashes…dunno…can’t seem to figure


wow…the self portrait looks totally awesome and very very realistic.
i love it! :+1:

the snail-worm-human character look nice also…the sculpt looks great but i think u need to work more on the low poly. And some details more will hurt no one :slight_smile:
Good job

New WIP. Finnaly i’ve made some time to practice. The job is killing my personal projects :(.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

King update:

C&C are welcome. Enjoy

the king remembers me to enjoy the silent - depeche mode =d
thanks for sharing.
awesome stuff!:+1:

New update soon :smiley:

Small update…i’ve played a little with fibers(who didn’t :D)


Very nice … the beard becomes him! :lol: cheers, David

Yeah the beard really looks like it was there before :smiley: I really like what the guys from Pixologic did with fibers. Cheers

Long time since i’ve post on zbrush central. I guess it was about time :slight_smile:
I’ve had some spare time lately and decided to go and make a character inspired by God of War concepts…still some small things to do till i can call it done, but i thought it’s about time to share with you. Enjoy

Great work!:+1:


And update:

Sweet! Came out nice!

Cool hellish soldier, reminds me Slayer “Show no Mercy” artwork

Thanks LVXIFER and Fenrir406

Last image and i will call this done.

Nice work !

Nice work Georgian, I like the hair a lot.


Thank you Cristi. It means a lot coming from you.

Made a dagger last night. Concept from Age of Connan but with some modifications.
I wanna make him low poly and try some tessellation to see how it works.

Concept: http://geekypleasures.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/dragon-spine-art/dragons-spine-dagger.jpg