New Work.

Here is a new piece of work. Most of my work is abstract as I don’t have sculpting chops, but I am working on it. :stuck_out_tongue: I used the rs wax casting material ( I am so sorry but I forgot who the author of the material was).



Another new work. This is a mesh from Topmod done about a year ago and brought into Zbrush. BPR with bunny material. Cheers! :smiley:

I believe the author is Ralf Stumpf


Yes thank you so much! And thanks to Ralf Stumpf! :smiley:

Variation of an earlier post. A stylized octopus! Topmod to Zbrush. BPR, and again a tip of the hat to Ralf Stumpf for his lovely wax casting material. :smiley:

Has the willies right now for some odd reason.


Perhaps the “willies” are in the eye of the beholder! :wink:

Just a little exercise for myself Zsketch to unified skin … I wanted to practice painting with my new Intuos 3 that I picked up at a stoop sale in Brooklyn for twenty bucks.It appears to be brand new, all I had to do was download the drivers.

I have never used a tablet in the past for 3D, it didn’t seem to be an advantage in Maya or Cinema 4D. Now Zbrush is a different story! I have a big Cintiq which I use at another station for Comping and retouching.

Would anyone be willing to share how they set up their express keys for the Intuos?


Another new image, kind of weird I guess. :smiley:

Something new … from the Titanic? :lol:

Working and learning, shadowBox multiples. Having a lot of fun! :lol:

Interesting stuffs here, the last one in particular. I actually had no idea you could do that in zb o_O

Thanks fess, I really envy your sculpting skill … looking forward to seeing finished renders of your work. Cheers. :smiley:

More shadowbox work. :smiley:

A mesh imported from Topmod, noise applied and a custom Lightcap and environment. :smiley:

Another new piece. Still trying to wrap my head around all the new features! :lol:

This stuff is awesome!
I cant wait to see what you will do next!


Thanks so much Mealea! I am certainly having a good time and learning a lot. I am also learning not to be shy about posting. I am primarily a Photographer although I did work as a special effects animator in the mid 90’s.

all the best to you.

If you have a moment have a look at my website and see what I do most of the time.


Trying some images with Lightcap … so much to learn! :smiley:

Since I posted that I have been looking at your site, all I can say is I want all the pictures much bigger! You do very nice work.

Also that last post of yours is amazing, is that ZSpheres somehow rendered in another program?