New Work.

Glad you enjoyed the photos! It’s Zspheres all right but it’s BPR using a Lightcap.

David :smiley:

Something different. :lol:

I posted in the middle of a DB error on ZBC and it seems to have been eaten…
Nice drip!!! Thats great!

What I tried to post last night was a question about your page Best kept secret, Im mainly curious about what you are up to with that, its a rather interesting (that is the only way I know to put it and be objective) subject…

Hi Mealea,

Thanks, glad you liked the drip.

Best Kept Secret is on hold for now, this is not an economy that is great for raising funds for a documentary … let alone one that is about suicide survivors ( a survivor is a person left behind by suicide not someone who tried and failed ). I volunteered for three years on a 24/7 suicide hotline and that accounts for my interest.

If you have more questions you could email me or send me a private message.


More New work, experimenting with Lightcaps. :smiley:

Another new piece. I am having a wonderful time learning more about this app every day! :smiley:

I am trying to put together some object to be used later in another scene. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :smiley:

More new work … honing my skills. :smiley:

Hey Chalk, nice shape and colors!

Thank you Bas! Cheers :smiley:

Still playing with shape and color. I find that the Ralf Stumpf (rf-waxcasting) material gives me a nice base for my polypainting. Thanks Ralf! :smiley:

More experimental work … a kind of Meats Meyer hair. :lol:

I really love your experiments and forms.
I really like the slightly changes in colours.
But I really can’t understand why you always choose basic earthworm colours?
I am sorry this is absolutely not mine.
But I like “Technicolour” movies also.

It’s your thread. Keep on going. Looking forward to see next forms.


Thanks! … i think! Seriously it may be that in my 35 plus years as a professional photographer I shot a lot of color for many high profile clients but my personal work was mostly B&W, i felt that color was seductive and easier to please with. I have since changed my mind and digitally I shoot a lot of color. See the link to my professional website to see what I mean.

I am also feeling my way with Zbrush and taking baby steps rather than giant steps or umbrella steps. :smiley:

I enjoyed following the progress of your wood sculptor project, I loved the finished piece. I once did a project on vanishing craftsmen.

David :lol:

Oh - the wood sculptor is not mine.
kdshay is the artist name.

I only told my opinion.

In my user gallery (which contain some others undeleteable work unfortunately. I lead some sculptris challenges in the past)
On page 4,5 you will find some abstracts I made in sculptris.

Doing abstracts is most effective in learning a tool.

You are a professional photographer - nice pics on your page.
Saying that, you are remembering me that I worked as a documentary photographer in a hospital 22 years ago.
For some artists here at zBrush Central it would have been “heaven” I guess, seeing bodyparts turned inside out on wicked sculpts.
But me thinking about it right now, I probably lost any love for naked flesh colour there.
Raw flesh. Blood. Opened muscles. Cut legs, arms and gut lying on the table to be put back later.
(I wonder if someone would also sculpt the smell, if possible?)

Probably that make sense why I am not into that colour?
Sorry to place this bull*it in exactly your thread. Just getting obvious to me. Started by your sculpts :wink:

Anyway, keep on rocking. I love the drop and the rusty robot is so nicely coloured that I could cry.

More experimentation and some material painting. :rolleyes:

Hey, hey hey,
it’s your art, choose whatever colour you want.
What did my art teacher said billions years ago: “Do what you want but do it consequently!”

But thanks anyway :wink:


It was already done and I was considering if I should post it or not … you gave me the kick in the butt I needed! :lol: Thanks!

Man, I am sooooo digging what you are doing. I have been meaning to comment on your stuff for days. I am logging in 14 hour days on a big ad campaign (Keep your eyes peeled during the Superbowl) I will post picks once I am cleared of my NDA. I really think you are on a winning streak. I would love to see some of these printed.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


Thanks so much for your kind words … I am feeling my way, for the longest time I was reluctant to post here. I am a big fan of your creatures and your barnacle brushes as well. :lol:

Look forward to seeing that campaign you are working on!