new metal materials

I made a machine far superior to yours Jantim. Then I pressed that button to see if it works… Well, it exploded… and here is what is left…

Thank you, very much!

…a candy sugar material :smiley:
Cool iron material :+1:

thanks jantim

Jantim = Legend


Wow, Jantim,

Another top shelf material. Photo realistic.

Funnily enough it’s right next to your equally impressive wood material (Meats’s) on the top row.

tHANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR REACTIONS…i’m an iron-lover myself so what can i say other then : “Here’s another one…” …i tweaked this one from a stone like material, but now it looks kinda metaly .

and i posted the light settings that i use the most in test-rendering materials

…and every part of all the renders is made and renderdered in Zbrush…

jantimwrenchffg.jpgeroded yella metal.zip (180 KB)standard blue right01.zip (12.3 KB)

The mat monster, Jantim strikes back. Thanks for the valious gift

oh man, that’s so cool:sunglasses:

Jantim-maat, u r crazygood:+1:

(BTW, your creations remeber me on my own old VW-bus from the german-study-hippie-gras-time LOL LOL LOL:laughing: :smiley: :sunglasses: )

Just like to say Thank you! This is wonderful and so nice of you to share! I love your creations and hope to see more in the future!


You da man!

Thanks jantim!!!


another material in such a short time… damn your spoiling us jantim! These are the most convincing materials I’ve ever seen!


kudos! again great materials! thanks for sharing

greets froyd

Another amazing contribution. We are really happy you are part of this community Jantim. I wish you and to your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ahhh! Top row! You deserved it, since the time you provide us great material!

Your testing scene is great too!

My brainfart using one of Janins materials. Thanks again most useful!


Some nice words from THE MASTER… and finaly a great Jantim shader comes up :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot my friend, I can use it! I had to do some commercial illustrations with rusty iron (big €), but I had problems making a good material.
This rusty iron looks much beter as the Ice-material you posted to make a fool of me. Great job!

Wow this is one very cool material I see for a long time!!


your the material master :smiley: thx for sharing :+1: