New Anime Contest - Naruto - Bleach - Saint Seiya - Kill la Kill


Let’ start our first anime challenge of 2014 with a bang!
For this challenge you can pick any characters from Naruto, Bleach, Kill la Kill and Saint Seiya. You can pick any characters that appeared in their respective TV series, manga or movies
For this contest your goal will be to model a 3D character based on one of the 4 series. You can of course do multiple characters but don’t forget that quality wins over quantity
You can do a fan art, a redesign or create your own character (as long as it fits the Serie’s spirit)
To judge this contest : Yue Wang, Furio Tedeschi, Ben Lo, Rafael Grassetti, Eric Bellefeuille, Cesar Dacol Jr., Kolby Jukes, Herbert Lowis and Rodrigue Pralier (Badkoala Rod)
How to participate:
Post all your work in progress images in the work in progress album folder


Make sure you submit your final image into the Final image Album

All your work can be shared here on Zbrush but for the final judging don’t forget to submit your art in the final image album in the Facebook group

(Lets keep it organized, new albums or images not related to the concept will be deleted, spam and hateful comments will be deleted)

Final image Requirement :

Full 3d character, posed, with colors (textures or polypaint) rendered in any 3D software of your choice, if you want to render it in Maya, XSI, 3dsMax, Keyshot, Unity, Marmoset etc… You can also use any sculpting software like Zbrush, Mudbox etc…
Any pornographic/obscene contents will result in disqualification of the contestants
The challenge starts this Saturday March 1st and the final images will have to be posted in the Final Image Album by May 28th

Our 2 sponsors are Phoenix Atelier et “to be announced soon” (end of March)


1st - 26cm 3D print of the winner’s entry + A seat in one of Phoenix Atelier programs. The program is to be chosen by the winner. They will have a full year within to redeem

2nd - 12cm 3D print of the winner’s entry + A Phoenix Atelier USB stick- with secret content created by Cesar Dacol Jr.

3rd - A Phoenix Atelier T-Shirt, Size TBD by winner.

The objective of this contest is to keep the good art going and to inspire people. Please keep the spams to other groups.
Let’s start the adventure!!!



Awesome! I decided to go first with the Saint Seiya characters, and maybe later, near the end with one of Naruto or Bleach characters if I have the time.

Here is my first work in progress of Pegasus Seiya. Let’s do this! :slight_smile:


cool! Will be joining soon!

WOW looks pretty cool!! Awesome work!
Bro i’m trying to make a mod for GTAIV with Saint Seiya armors and characters, if you want help me pls send me a pm :smiley:

Hi everyone!,
first WIP of my character Minato.
The hair is currently at the beginning.
Now i start designing clothes for a better feeling of this character.
Hope you like it c&c are welcome

Cheers Leif

Here is my entrry!

Gold sagittarius saint Aiolos form Saint Seiya - Legend of sanctuary
Hope you guys like it =)

Screenshot (230).jpg

Kill la kill Satsuki WIP :smiley:



My first WIP here, I am learning and practicing a lot with this challenge as with the above, thanks





And here you can find a turntable of my work I hope you like it, is a WIP :slight_smile:


Hi! This is my 3 WIP of gaara! Hope you like it!

Had to add a W.I.P to the thread. This is work in progress shot four of Ichigo Kurosaki in his Vasto Lorde form. Quick render in Keyshot.

A new WIP, more details in complements, I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hello every,
I choose Tauraus -Aldebaran for the theme “saint seiya”.The whole model is sculpt and render in Zbrush. Color correct and minor tweak in photoshop.
It is my pleasure to entering this challenge and I have learn something everytime. This is my third time entering challenge.I hope I can do more of this in future.I hope you guys like it ,and I cant wait to see others work done ! weee!!


Untitled-13.jpghello! here’s my WIP of lchigo in Vasto Lorde from
l hope like you!


I chose Nonon Jakuzure as my character for the contest since she is absolutely adorable!
Sculpted/posed in Zbrush and colored/rendered with Keyshot.
This is my first time entering a 3D challenge and am extremely excited to be apart of it.
Hope you guys like it! :o

I chose Naruto’s kakasi !
I make Kakasi fan art. I hope you guys like it!

Thank you!



Hi guys!!

this is my final render for “anime 3D fan art challenge”
I present the redesign of Naruto sage mode!
I hope you like it !! :slight_smile:


hello everyone! This is my Bleach final of lchigo in Vasto Lorde from.
This is my first work. I am nervous so i hope like you.
I can’t uploads at facebook. because i did not receive approval.




Still 6H to go before the end of our contest
For your submission to be accepted :
You need to post your final image in the final album of the group (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.620862757962891&type=1)
by May 28th midnight Montreal time (http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/north-america/canada/quebec/montreal/time/) 28th at midnight, just before the 29th :slight_smile:



this is my entry Saint Seiya-Aries Mu

render in zbrush and composited in Photoshop

i hope you like it:)