New Anime Contest - Naruto - Bleach - Saint Seiya - Kill la Kill

It’s a Wrap!
Our Naruto-Bleach-Kill la Kill- Saint Seiya contest is now over
All judges will now start reviewing the images in the final album and I will share the results with you all as soon as we have them
We will have 4 picks, 3 firsts will have prizes from our sponsors HQ3P and Phoenix Atelier.
Once again the final entries are awesome and we had a lot of exiting participation.
You guys can continue posting here or in the group if you want to continue working on your unfinished entries and share your work with the group
Results will be announced soon!


All final images can be seen here :

Our group :

Congrats to our winners!

Man! This is great! Everybody here is extremely talented, makes me feel kind of small here, I’m still learning the interface lol

Wow these are some very good Bleach Naruto gallery pictures. You guys are really talented. Can we expect any more of this?

cool! Will be joining soon!

wow these are awesome and cool designs.