nerveinks sketchbook


starting a new sketchbook.I have these three pics to show of three different models. one is a bust of thanos. ( my favourite marvel character)
the other is an alien predator bust wip and the last is a horse sculpt. the horse was kinda just a study but i really like how it came out. im going to post on this thread from now on, so any comments or crit are welcome as always!





great inspriation , man:+1: great

sooo fresh i love your attention to detail! all those wrinkels just amazing. You got style, thanks for sharing.

great model!!!:+1:

Extra nice wrinkles and bulges. I like the way you did those horse muscles!

barbarossaX: thanks dude that means a lot to me!

Sami Sorjonen: thank you! yeah I like the muscles too!

The horse is amaizing. I am going to save that image for my reference if you don’t mind.:+1:

heyyy man love the new sketchbook, i bookmarked it post more soon. 5 stars

hi everyone

added some more detail to the thanos model. then this morning i decided that i would do somthing different. so i made it look like hell boy. im not done yet. im still going to add some ears and hair but dont know how i will makew the hair yet becuase with zbrush theres so many ways to make it. anyway i hope you guys like it so far. comments and crit welcome.:smiley:




wow! great sculpts !! love the renders too!

Alex Oliver

alexleia: thanks man you rock!
Zicarious: thanks buddy. also thanks for that screen grab!
modeller2526: thank you. i dont mind at all!
barbarossaX: thank you dude!!!
jjutt: thank you! modeling wrinkles is one of the funnest things for me! LOL
nine wave: thank you so much!!

cool stuff dude!!! The horse sculpt is sweet!!

hello everyone!!

so i worked on the horse a little bit more. this is my last post for the horse. im gonna start somthing new. the horse was a great anatomy excersise// so heres my final render. rendered in zbrush.

definitely_maybe: thank you so much!!

:cool: :cool:

These renders look really nice. Did you do any overlay effect in photoshop to get that effect??

Again, your zbrush work is great.:eek:

very nice model :+1: , ,man , like your work

barbarossaX thank you man i really appreciate your compliment!!
issu808: thanks! yeah i used red chavant matcap and a bump shader to control the lighting. then brough the files to ps.
infamouskiller: yo thanks man!


i made a little characature today. nothing special. c and c welcome. thanks:D





your cool at it, best wishes for the future.