natural wood materials (incl. downloads now)

Hello ZBrushers!

After some days of exploring ZBrush´s materials, I want to post some of the wood materials I tried to create. The idea came after I found out, how the very nice wood shader works, Sarabel posted here.
He or she used a tri-shader, which I expanded to a quad one. It took me quite a while, I never really tried to find out, how the different shaders of ZBrush work, and i cant say, I understand them now completely :wink:
But I got a sense during changing sliders for 3 days and saved the mat, when I thought it looks good.

     You can have a closer look at the different materials here:
     [Material#1]( - [Material#2]( - [Material#3]( - [Material#4]( - [Material#5](

I want to share the materials, but I have one problem: 2 of the materials are even with best compression far too big to upload them to ZBrush. (about 1mb). Since I have no webspace I would be glad if someone (maybe MTB? :slight_smile: ) is able and willing to host tho whole file (6,6mb) including the 5 mats, the scene, the tree model and the light. I´m sorry for that aggravation!

  For some information and explainations about some basic facts and how to adjust scaling and other modifications look at [post#14](, [post#19](, [post#20]( 

And some very useful additions from Svengali in post#38.

   Any opinions are very welcome!
     Atwooki and MahlikusTheBlack were so kind to host the whole file, so many thanks to both of them! :D
     <span class="font2">mirror 1: [download](http://%0a (thanks to Atwooki)
 mirror 2: [download]( (thanks to MTB)

I worked around the upload limitation by splitting it into several .rar files which i zipped again as single files (zbc only accepts .zip). Download all 10 files (below) and unzip them. After that unrar the .rar files and you get the folder with the materials. I´m sorry for the circumstances! (487 KB) (487 KB) (485 KB) (486 KB) (488 KB) (488 KB) (488 KB) (488 KB) (488 KB) (106 KB)

Your materials look great, froyd! :+1: Excellent work on the tree as well! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I hope that MTB will be able to help out.

All the best.

I’d have to say that your time was well spent!

If the size of the files is dictated by size of pic used to create the textures perhaps you can split them. Upload the materials without the textures then host the pics at some free site and post the links…a thought in case someone doesn’t have the bandwith to handle the awesome amount of downloads these will generate!!! I am confident they will!

Thanks again for sharing your works with the rest of us!

This is what I have to look forwards to, someday huh?


That’s some great materials, I’ve started playing with the materials & am still a bit baffled to be honest, I have a website though so I guess I could host them if you get stuck, 6.6mb wont be a problem. (my bandwith could get a kicking though :confused: )

Tree by Evoken is your challenger ? :wink:

I want those materials :smiley:

A very nice progression - and some really effective parameter tweaks. I think I like the last one, dry rot, the best.

Sven :+1:

Its the images in the channels that make it big…just strip the material…and make a zip-file for the material and one for the image (s)…and tell us where to insert the texture-images in what channels !
Or make small jpegs,…so we can tell what sort of images are needed,that will work as well !

looking forward to download the materials


Trees are beautiful and more people need to try them. These are great materials.

froyd’s ‘natural wood’ files now available for download at:


HA, thanks Atwooki! :smiley: I just uploaded them in pieces. But I really thank you for hosting the whole file! That makes things easier!

Also thanks for all your comments! Happy that you like them!


Thanks to both and of course froyd your natural and transparent attitude to share your knowlodged and working tips is familiar to the forum¡
i will try to make some images with your materials¡

Ok, I want to mention some things:

The scene is quite big and the materials´ modifiers that are responsible for the texture scale are adapted to the screensize. If you want to use the mats at a lower or higher resolution you have to adjust some modifiers.

Most important for that are S1 and S2, at Material 3, 4 and 5 also S3. There you find HScale and Radial Scale. They have biggest influence on how often the texturebump is repeated. Higher values alow lower screenresolution while lower values alow even higher resolutions. Also the CanvasBump Scale slider at material5 and the noise radius are important for that.

Another important factor is the reflectivity and the reflect.curve. They determine for example the green parts. You have to change the values to see how it effects the result. :slight_smile:

You also can play with the colorbump modifier and the noise values.

As you can see, the model is without any details, and i recognized that too much details can have a negative effect.

I hope these tips can help with adjustments or creating your own variations. It would be nice and interesting to see some! :smiley:

thanks & bye

thank you froyd. these materials kick some serious butt! i think i’m gonna make a whole forest.

froyd, these are wonderful materials. Thanks, I want to do some trees very soon and these are perfect! :+1:
And thanks to Atwooki too for the hosting. :+1:

those are great, thanks a million!

Froyd :+1:

Thanks guys! :smiley:

What I forgot:

I wanted to keep a quite normal light, so that there are no bigger problems to use the shaders together with other materials. The intesity is below 1.0 and theres is no ambient light. If you want to add lights you may need to adjust the ambient, diffuse and hiigh dynamic range values of the material.

The shadow options are at relatively low quality, just to see a quicker result. To get a better shadow just slide up the rays-slider a bit.

The images used in S1, S2 (and S3) are responsible for the bark-bump. I used some of the native ZBrush textures and some imported ones, which I got from nature and wood textures I found at (thanks to marcel or Pilou for the link :slight_smile: ). Same for the reflectivity textures. You can achieve very intersting effects by modifying the refl.texture in combination with the refl.curve. ! I really have to explore that further :slight_smile:




I forgot the almost most important thing: The mesh should be coloured with R44 G41 B28. You can of course choose other colours, but the tree in all images I posted has this color as base.

Sorry, I really forgot to mention that. :s