My Zbrush Artworks - Majid Esmaeili

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share some works of mine here with zbrushcentral Community…almost all of it done in ZBRush but the basemesh that I made in Maya ! the brushes that I use in my workflow are Standard, Move, Clay, Pinch and smooth for sure ! also sometimes I use Morph target to keep the forms for many reasons !
Character Design of “The Orphan” and “The HellHound” and “The Vampire” done by Renaissance Effects…

All Comments are welcomed !










Pan and Vamp critter are awesome Majid, good to see some new stuff from you.:+1:

Really great work man… love the vamp. Where did you get your 3d print done? Looks very smooth.

also I worked as Digital Sculptor and did the 3D head concept and ALL THE REST Greatly done by Digic !! it was a GREAT PLEASURE to work as a member of their Team !


special thanks to Tamas Varga for all kind helps during the process…
here is a link for the Trailer :




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Great works! :+1:

really nice transition in the human to monster transformation:+1:
how many polys in the first image of the thread? that’s some serious detailing there:)!!!

I love your work,very nice,
thanks your share!

These are so fine… Love the Pan sculpt very much. You rock!

Really Nice!!!

Dman3d…thanks dude !
Robb Ryniak…thank you ! it`s done by Renaissance Effects
Deviantom…thank you !
Polo2011…Thank you ! Body Basemesh have 10k Polys with 6times Divide in Zbrush means 10million Polys for detailing…
fshayong…thank you !
SolidSnakexxx…thank you dude !
avatarsw…thanks Alot Jamie ! long time no chat ! allways my pleasure to hear your comliments ! :slight_smile:

awesome work keep rocking:+1:

am in love with your artwork man
keep up the hardwork

awesome stuff! love the vampire the most!

I absolutely love your first sculpt on here. What a great character you’ve created! Congrats!

Karthik.AL…thank you !
omarpac…thank you !
mikeusz…thank you !
NickNitro…thank you !

Thanks for sharing and inspiring us mate! Keep em coming!

Wow! You’re a one man sculpt factory!! Great new ones -> hard to pick a favourite but I love the four legged creature:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:!

Beautiful and inspiring works thanks for shearing deserve top.


I really love that cat/manticore creature! :slight_smile:

superb work majid…:):+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: