My Zbrush Artworks - Majid Esmaeili

That lion thing is sweet. The mane came out very nice. Inspiring work man.

Top Row, as expected, stunning work as usual Majid.

yeah the lion thingā€™s great :+1:

Hey, is the Golden Lion a Matcap?

A great choice for top row.
Excellent work, all of them. The pan is my favorite.

Great 3d print, a colored and some white ones. Are these plaster/rubber casting or something? If it isnā€™t, I just gave you an idea LOL.

Excellent work man, once again!

thanks for all your kind comments :slight_smile:

mutte696ā€¦thanks dude !
Etcher ā€¦thanks for kind words dude !
Moths ā€¦thank you !
Ducard ā€¦thank you !
basantjoshi ā€¦ ā€¦thank you !
soulty666ā€¦thank you !
mkk316ā€¦thank you !
Intervainā€¦thanks Magdalena !
puzzle3dā€¦thank you ! no, I colored the model like that and Layer rendered and composited in PS.
michalisā€¦thanks for kind words ! 3D print is done by Sebastian Lochman`s Studio

wow, where can i learn the techniques to do the lion creature? or the all of your creatures!:lol:, i mean, any course or book that you can recommend us it would very appreciate. And, you said that only use standar, move, clay, pinch and smoothā€¦didnt you use the snakehook dynamesh brush for the hairĀ“s lion?

Amazing works as always Majid !

I love your creativity in the character designs. very well executed. I think their all great and beautiful but my favorites are the first and the second pieces. :D:+1:

You never cease to amaze Majid. A modern day Michelangelo.

man u are an inspiration for me!

great designs !

Excellent work. Technically and artistically outstanding.

As always iā€™m stunned by level of your works and professions. keep 'em coming.

Baese eftekhari majid jan.

I absolutely love your work
Congratulations :slight_smile:
Very inspiring

Congrats Majidā€¦ You Rock :slight_smile:

Great work, man! Very inspiring!

Thanks for the inspiration Majid! Love the lion model! It is refreshing to see something stylistically different.

Thanks for all kind comments ! :slight_smile:

Mogaā€¦hahah ! thanks for kind words ! well when I finished this there was no Dynamesh ! it`s very easy to make it in Dynamesh nowā€¦
Lucky_1ā€¦thanks dude !
Ralramahiā€¦thanks for kind words !
INFINITEā€¦ooh ! thanks for very kind words Lee !
pappeteā€¦thank you !
PSTCHOARTā€¦thanks man !
jmennaā€¦thank you !
SuperHer0ā€¦thank you ! mokhlesim :slight_smile:
Deryckā€¦thanks so much !
san-jā€¦thank you !
brunomsā€¦thank you !
undozā€¦thanks my friend ! :slight_smile:

Looks freaking amazing Majid I love that creature, really great design, model and presentation! Awesome work!