My Z3 Journey - Old models and New

Finally! My Z3 Journey!!
Been waiting for this moment for a loonnnggg time.
Going to be finishing ALL of my old models because Z3
has the function and speed I have needed since playing with ZBrush.

Here is the finished model. Texture is next.

[Noname Z3 Modeling 2.jpg]Noname Z3 Modeling -HD.jpg

Heya MTB , you must be loving sculpting with alphas :wink:

nice detail on the model.

Awesome! Some fine tooling M…

I loved this model and to see it with this level of detail is just great. :+1: :+1:

I can’t wait to see this finished. This was one of my favorite model progressions from this site.

The Namek - Thank you Sir, yeessss I love it! Just wish painting on my texture would work like polypainting (without PM or Zapp Link).

Giantsun - Thank you. I have been waiting for this ability to just think and work and not be held down by the limits of my system (or application).

Daddymack - Thank you Sir. I myself think my tooling is rushed and sloppy but practice makes perfect right? But I guess it is all about perspective.

To give you all some of where I’ve been, here is a near 5 year old image I made when I was first playing with ZBrush back during my 1.23b demo days. Come a long way since then and yet I still am not where I would like to be technically.

Tried my hand at polypainting. My old System wasn’t working fast with it
but at least it was working period. Image is HUGE only to show what detail
there is.



wow, I like the eyes , the skin is very good and the model is perfect.
What material did you used?? :slight_smile:

Great shader. Love the eyes.

Great work MTB… :smiley:

The texture is great! Nice work:+1:

Great modell and detail!

I´m very new to zbrush and i´m trying to make a caterpilar
that has the same kind of “fleshiness”, “blobbyness” and deep wrinkles as your alien.

I have tried different aproaches but i can´t seem to get it right.
The poly count is over 5 million so there is enough geometry in there.

Could you be a hero and help me move on with my caterpillar project?
I would appriciate it alot!


ior-calin - Thank you very much. Material is just a standard shader. One I use for even basic rendering. I figured I wouldn’t us Matcap right now and also because the skin is thick like elephant hide, there will not be any sss. However, there is a second material with a higher, sharper specular value that I created for the ears eyelids and lips.

brettSinclair, Buckie, and sadicus - Thank you for the comments. Husse - Thank you. I don't know about being a hero but i do know about what I did on this old model. One thing I know from a lot of posts and even from traditionl sculpting is work large to small as one may do when working with clay or even stone. First sculpting the Body down to the body sections. Then major folds and large fleshy parts down to large section details like where horns or other protrusions might be. Flesh/cell wrinkles and pores are the last thing on the sculpting chart. Another important part is to do this all in the appropriate subdivision level. Body and parts and such are in level 2 or 3, folds of flesh at 4 or 5, and the remailing details at 6, 7, and HD geo levels. When it comes to detail sculpting, I personally think the key is control. I said that I think the skin in my model is over worked and messy and I still believe that about a lot of areas. Just because there is tons of detail and sculpting does mean its awesome/realistic work. There is logic to the details. Where skin has a lot of traffic (like movement) there will be wrinkles. More traffic, more wrinkle. How thick the skin is in that area determines how deep the wrinkle and fleshy folds are. In the beginning of this guy, I keep these thought in mind and yo the steps needed. Unfortunately, to finish him, I didn't. I just didn't take my time in the end. Lazymouse is a godsend for adding an amazing level of control during sculpting, I don't know how I worked without it. Another thing that I do to most of the models I work on is hit them with either the inflate brush, the nudge brush (which is to simulate gravity) or even both. This gives the freshly sculpted areas a much more natural look. I started a caterpillar model a long time ago and never finished it. Last bit that is important is surround yourself with resources. Google image search with a large image filter in place is the best! [I found this in no time.](http://www.bio.davidson.edu/people/vecase/Behavior/Spring2006/Black/Caterpillar.jpg) I will make a movie of what I mean so you can see what I am talking about. Unfortunately I have work today but will get to it asap. I hope this helps a little and allows you to get started. Thank you all again. •MAH•

Wow…the last pic is stunning! Amazing model indeed…you should make some tutorial viud on this model :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:

Regardless of what you think of your alien i think it´s awesome!
I´m really looking forward to your video!
If i may come with a humble suggestion, please, please don´t make a timelapse video! Beginners like me don´t have a chance to see whats going on…
I will post my WIP catepillar so you can se my progress if you want´.

Once again, thank´s


that is gorgeous… I don’t know what else to say… is that a screen capture of the preview render?

my only critique is that the detail over the model in general seems to focus into a spot between his eyes… that spot looks as though it contain one step further of depth and detail than the rest of the head, so it’s kinda distracting

SolidSnakexxx, Husse, SalmonGod - Thank you for the comments.

SalmonGod - No it’s a best render. I agree with your critique. Like I said earlier in the thread, he was rushed. Will work on it more.

Here is a shot of how he was started and a progress shot of the retopo.

[alien progress.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘57785’,‘Meedah ReTopo.jpg’,1,0))


Meedah ReTopo.jpg

Mike, this is brilliant. I’m wondering why you are retoping him? The original mesh looks to be well topologized already. Are you planning a lower res model with displacement or something? Or just practicing the retop feature? Lots of questions, I know, but like I said it doesn’t look like it needs any topology adjustments.

Great modeling! :+1:

awesome details, really like the whole colour scheme too… the eyes remind me of those tall aliens in star wars, ace stuff :smiley: :+1: