My works

Hello guys! This is my first work in zBrush. A male bust for 3d printing. Hope it’s not bad for a start:)





Good start, Max!

Thanks a lot Nikolay! :wink:

Previous version of this head and its 10 cm gipsum based powder print

are u gonna pray on this bust or what?

haha crashmgn! you’re a joker! no, that is one of my freelance works. nothing more

Nice job! 3D printing very good!

Thanks a lot Slawa_L!!!

Model of a UFC Boxer I made for mobil game demo

Incredibly awesome anatomy! I mean that guy with yellow trunks. Solid skills! Awesome work! Gonna add it to my favorites!

That is your first sculpt:) What a…wow you’ve got some skill man. Have you worked in a different program prior to sculpting in zbrush?

RYSHER, sorovince: Thanks a lot guys!
sorovince: Yeah it’s 3ds max. I mostly used it when I was at the university doing architectural projects and use it now at my work in company.

Royal Assassin
Hello guys! My new work I did in my spare time


Hi MAx! wonderful work, all right


Love the dress!

This is freighting!
Very cool stuff!!


Thank you guys! I appreciate it!

Great work!!