My Work: Richard Fortier

I am a 3d hobbyist. The Cellist is my first publication in ZBCentral (You know that there is always a little stress). I really like Zbrush and the pleasure that it gives me. It is not an easy tool but with so many possibilities. It is also a good exercise for the mind mostly when your are 64.
80% of the work was made in ZB (Sculpting, ShadowBox, Spotlight, Fibermesh, rendering (BPR) )with some help from Carrara (Goz), Hexagon and Photoshop.
I have printed The Cellist on canvas mounted on wooden stretcher frame.
Thanks Pixilogic Team.


The Cellist_A.jpg

The Cellist_B.jpg

The Cellist_C.jpg

The Cellist_D.jpg

The Cellist_E.jpg

The Cellist_F.jpg

The Cellist_G.jpg

The Cellist_H.jpg

This is great:+1:
Keep it going!

Happy ZBrushing,

This is just excellent. I love The Cellist.

I’m also a hobbyist and just a bit younger, just turned 60. I also love playing with Zbrush and agree that it’s great for mind exercise.

Please keep posting your work for us all to enjoy.


Thanks FairCat and EZRA52 for the kind words.

Don Martin de Juviles (1568) is my interpretation of a character in an Ildefonso Falcones’ novel, La Mano De Fatima.
It is a 95% ZB realisation completed by Photoshop. I sculpted with DynaMesh and used Spotlight, Shadowbox and BPR.
The backbground is a photo of the church of Juviles (Las Alpujarras, Andalusia, Spain).
I also used ZB for the pseudo frame; mostly Alphas features.
I have printed this work on canvas mounted on wooden stretcher frame.
I have tried Environment render with the bust but I must learn more about that so I completed with Photoshop.
Here are some images:


Hi, this work is inspired by the Sam R. Kennedy Preview Webinar on Visualarium about Rapid Illustration using Daz Studio and Zbrush, via Goz for the ‘‘rapid’’ aspect.
With Zb, I mostly used Qremesher, Extract (Subtool), InsertMesh, Dynamesh and BPR (basic).
The title of my final work is Cocooning. Please take a look here http://ricor.cgsociety.org/gallery/








My Desk_My SpiritRF.jpg

Last consolidation…Thanks!


Recent work with Zbrush 4 r6


Dream of Steel.jpg

This work is about a well-known Quebec legend, ‘’ La Chasse-galerie’’ or The Flying Canoe. In late 1800, a group of loggers, working in an isolated winter camp, yearn to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their loved ones. Their only choice is to make a pact with the devil to ride in a flying canoe.

fantastic.just love it;):+1:

This is really Cool! I just turned 60 and just bought Zbrush and worried this was going to be too much for the old brain. HA! Really inspirational to see this. Just downloaded Blender and I’m trying to learn it at the same time
as it seems several folks go outside of Zbrush for their renders and Blender was one mentioned that was a free app. (well at least make a donation to the cause). Thanks for posting and divulging your age!

;)Thanks Diablo and rsarrad. It is good to have some comments…
Rsarrad, if your goal is like mine, ie, just to have the pleasure to create something that you like and express yourself, I thing that it is better to concentrate your efforts on one tool and be excellent with it (I am speaking to myself also). Zbrush is a complete art tool with so many things usefull to discover. But I am not a good exemple for that because I just bought NDo, DDo and 3Do from Quixel so …

Version 2 of my work: Chasse-Galerie (Flying Canoe)

La Chasse-Galerie 2 _1200.jpg

La Chasse-Galerie 1_1200.jpg

Zb4 r6 realization and composed with photoshop.
Love_Hatred and Indifference_1600.jpgZB_Cat5_Render.jpg

Here is my color version…
Amour_haine et indifférence_1600Couleurs.jpg

I like your colored version Ric. Good stuff in this thread. Don’t think of age as a handicap. Regard it as a strength :D:+1: Chasse-Galerie and the Cellist especially appeal to me :slight_smile:

Thanks Tartan! :wink:

Title: Help Him!
ZB R6…sculpt, polypaint, spotlight, UvMaster. What a super tool.