My Various Commissions Over the Past 3 Years

Here are four large stone medallions that I digitally sculpted a few months ago(CNC milled and hand finished by master carvers) that are being installed in a Catholic church. I didn’t get a lot of say with the designs lol. I’ll post better pictures later when I find some.stone angel.jpgStone Bull.jpgstone eagle.jpgstone lion.jpg

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Here are the digitally sculpted(ZBrush) versions of the four medallions.


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For anybody that is interested in another way to use ZBrush, when used along with programs like 3D Slicer, OsiriX, or InVesalius etc. you can take the DICOM image information from a CT scan and turn it into a 3D printable model. Takes about an hour or so to learn how to do so, but it’s still pretty interesting. Here are two renders of a rib cage and lungs(before I’ve started cleaning them up or anything). Zbrush is pretty awesome for these types of things because of the high poly count that it can work with. Here are some links to some of the free programs.



version 1.jpgLungs.jpg

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