My Various Commissions Over the Past 3 Years

These are 14 pieces that I digitally sculpted/3d modeled for Vanderbilt University’s new residential colleges over the past year.

The original drawings were created by Patrick Pinnell, digitally sculpted by myself, then CNC milled out of limestone that was later hand finished by master carvers at Bybee Stone Co., Inc. Eventually I’ll be able to post the pictures of them in stone and in place on the buildings.



These are two archways that I digitally sculpted for Yale University’s new residential colleges Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin Colleges. Created in ZBrush and Blender, CNC milled out of Limestone and hand finished by master stone carvers. The bull dog scuppers were created the same way.





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These are some pieces that I digitally sculpted for religious buildings, Hillsdale College, and a private residence(limestone fireplaces). Created in ZBrush and Blender, CNC milled out of Limestone and hand finished by master stone carvers.





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These are some random 3D printed commissions that I created over the past three years using ZBrush and Blender. The Imperius Fan Art model was printed and painted by Theodoros Kyriakidis.

1.jpg35.jpg25.jpg14.jpg11.jpg7.jpg7.jpg13.jpgImperius Printed.jpg27.jpg17.jpg13.jpg8.jpg5.jpg



Imperius Printed.jpg

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Really like the architectural details, very nice. Have you been to see the finished building?

Thanks and actually I’ve never seen or touched any of the stone pieces that I digitally sculpted in person lol. Eventually I’ll take a road trip to see everything : )

In a lot of my work I use the ZModeler Brush. I’d heard in one of the ZBrush Tutorials about saving a copy of the ZModeler Brush for each preset that you use the most so I went ahead and did so. These are three of the ZModeler brush Presets that I made. One is just with points on(move infinite Z) and the poly and edge mode set at Do Nothing. The second one is the edge brush (insert edge loop) and the point and poly mode set at Do Nothing. The last one is the poly brush(qmesh single poly) and the point and edge mode set at Do Nothing.

Normally I dock the three brushes into my interface, assign the edge tool to my shift key, and then switch between the poly and point tool depending on what I’m working on at the moment. I’ve found that by going this route it saves time and helps avoid accidentally adjusting a part that you didn’t mean to adjust when working in compact areas.

They are available for free on my website.


Finally found two of the digital sculpts that I created for Vanderbilt University’s new buildings carved in stone. Hopefully I’ll find better pictures of them soon.

ars longa stone.jpgmocking bird stone2.jpg

Outstanding. Thank you for sharing all of these images.

Thanks Paul I’m glad you like them : )

Amazing stuff; prolific too!

Thank you very much Flipper : )

…use of Zbrush! Bravo! :sunglasses:

You are a great artist sir.
Thank you for sharing.

Thanks everyone you are too kind : ). I still have a ton to learn, but it’s been a fun process so far.

One of the things that I do besides creating new digital sculpts for cnc milling out of limestone, is repairing 3D scans of existing ornamental architecture. A lot of times those original pieces have become weathered or damaged and I either fix the scan or re-create the piece digitally to restore it to it’s former glory. Sometimes I have a detailed drawing or photo of the original(before the damage) and sometimes I just have to figure it out on my own. It can be a tricky process but it’s also fun lol. (For size reference the eagle is about 4 feet tall)

)Eagle 1.jpgEagle 2.jpgScanned Archway Repair.jpgWreath.jpg

Here’s my slow work in progress of my version of Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time. It scared the crap out of me when I was a kid so I figured why not try to make it creepier haha. Eventually I’ll 3D print it.10.jpg

These are some personal pieces that I’m slowly working on. Eventually I’ll 3D print the ghost girl pendant. For the plague doctor head candle and the zombie head Wacom pen holder I want to print them and then cast them in resin. Might sell those eventually. For the Wacom pen holder I used the ZProject Wacom file that comes with ZBrush.progress 2.jpgrender 2.jpgrender 1.jpgUpdate Render.jpgProgress 1.jpg

One of my personal digital sculpts that I created a few years ago. I had it printed in brass a few months ago. The print turned out nice. I’ve also included the renders of the original digital sculpt(the one with the paper background).

plague 1.jpgPetina one.jpg

I will be designing some new stuff here shortly : )Progress 1.jpg