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Thought it was time to start a new sketchbook.
Here’s a 2 hour doodle …

Happy ZBrushing!



Today’s exercise …
Trying to learn some anatomy while trying to apply that to a more toony character …
Didn’t work out too well but it was fun and educational :lol:

I saw “Battle: Los Angeles” yesterday and today I saw an image of a robot on a blog, so I guess that’s where the inspiration came from to try my very first hard surface modeling ever …

Blog: http://miocreates.blogspot.com/
Image: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PahenmmU3ms/SrPNSGj97PI/AAAAAAAAAQE/G0M9TIRjkkE/s1600-h/roboettes.jpg

The model is still in “dynamesh mode”, and I’m curious to find out if this amateur can take it to another level :smiley:


I think your robot is coming along really well especially for your first attempt at hard surface. Can’t wait to see him finished up. :slight_smile:

@Trigon: thank you!

OK, …, I’ve taken this as far as my free time allows for …
It’s far from perfect but I’m rather happy with it.

Learned a lot and had a fun time ZBrushing, so much that I’m sorry I’m not 25 years younger,
because I certainly would have chosen a career in modeling/sculpting instead of programming …

(Original design by Miocreates - Blog :http://miocreates.blogspot.com/)


Nice interpretation! It’s tough filling in the blanks going form a flat concept to to this.

I really love this guy so far :slight_smile: has a very Iron Giant feel to him. Did you start this from Zspheres?

Thanks for the nice comments!

bakedbeing: It’s tough filling in the blanks going form a flat concept to to this.

Yeah … going from 2D to 3D isn’t easy …

polaroid29: Did you start this from Zspheres?

Yes I did. For the most part this model is 1 mesh from head to toes.
Then dynameshed the geometry and added geometry with insert and curve brushes.
If I did have more time I woud however have created more “separate” geometry, but unfortunately time is an issue …

Happy ZBrushing!

cool robot:+1:

I love it! nice

Thanks for the comments!

Another sculpt after seeing a drawing from Tiago Hoisel (LINK to his blog : http://hoisel.zip.net/).
The hair got messed up in Transpose Master and I should resculpt it but don’t have the time :confused:.


Snap006 2012-01-18, 00_53.jpg

nice stuff man! love the last one! ahah

very nice work !!! :smiley:

Nice works man!
I loved the robot, nice hard surface in there!

Your robot has nice lines and a good flow to it.

@ blueferret, genc, sideshowsito, Shepard and strangehighways : thank you for the nice comments :cool: !!

Heres’ today’s sculpt : a 70 minute trial … Dynamesh rocks!


Something I’ve been working on and off for some time now …

Work in progress : Crits welcome :smiley:


Thought I’d drop by and check your sketchbook out…I really like the robot design. The facial expression on the skinny lady is pretty awesome also. Nice work altogether. I’ll be sure to follow your thread :wink:

Thank you LjSketch, I’m honoured :cool:!

Update : Crits most welcome :smiley: