My last Zbrush works :)

Denis Zilber conceptdracula.jpgAlberto Varanda concept

Groo conceptDaniel Araya conceptimg.jpgMichael Mccabe concept gladiator.jpgbight.jpg





Dennis Jones conceptbight.jpgGroo conceptgru1.jpgOscar Jimenez concept pusidon.jpgLoopy Dave concept vik.jpg



Danny Beck concept

Natalia Ninomiya conceptwonder.jpgJake Panian conceptfinal.jpgSteffi Schütze and Christian Nauck concept Murat Bingol conceptarab.jpgmadman.jpg





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LOVE your style and shape lines!

You’re a genious…Right?? Seriously awesome stuff. I mean like srslyy! :lol: Top row!

yeah…definitely genius. all of them are excellent. top row in 3…2…

These are pretty great translations of the concept works. Nice solid feel to all of them!

Awesome! Are the fingerprints and such sculpted in ZBrush also? Fun style!

very cool characters, nice sculpt


love the style!

Love it! Great execution and style. Thanks for sharing!
Kudos … Eldero

Excellent to see all these additions to your work. Really nice… and congrat’s on TR.

Great stuff, love medusa!

beautiful! Excuse me, Those details are or rendering?

These are pretty amazing.
I’m torn on a major aspect though. I’m not sure if it’s welcome critique here in these forums, where we are mostly focused on technique, but …

The thumbprints:
First, they look great. sumptuous.
The problem, they are completely misleading and dishonest.
I mean, I know this is all illusion here, and you’re probably looking to make them look as hand sculpted as possible…
but I think it would be more compelling without those thumbprints. maybe.
Am I off base?
I know I’ve done a lot of hand sculpting with sculpey and plasticene. There are some sharp details you have that would never have gotten that sharp if you had been thumbing everything like that.
There are lots of tiny precise details that would not be possible by finger mushing around, but there are finger mushing marks. It actually kills the “realism” for me.

Gosh, this is philosophical I guess.
I get sort of angry when I look at all these portfolio sites out there these days where everyone uses fake stuff.
Zbrush full of people rendering things to look like they sculpted it out of placticine, to the point where it’s composited into a studio shot. It’s just misleading, and as someone who has spent a lot of time trying to make sculptures in plasticine, it just sort of boils my blood a little bit.
Behance is FULL of designers who’ve never had their branding or packaging ACTUALLY manufactured and printed, but have all these slick pro looking faux renders that makes it look like everything has been letterpressed on expensive paper with fancy inks. Argh. Here I am waiting to photograph the actual results of my printed album covers for my portfolio, instead of just sharing what I meant it to look like. “It looked great in photoshop but the printer ****ed up” is an excuse I don’t want to stand behind.

****, I’m rambling on a tangent.

All I’m saying man, is your art would be stronger if it were more honest.
You don’t need the thumbprints. The work is beautiful enough to stand without that crutch.
I don’t mean to hurt your feelings with a quibble. The work is great.

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Wow top row!!
thanks you all guys
I’m really excited about it!

Those characters are sick man!!! congrats well deserved!!

These are so perfect in its style!

Funny, cant find them “downstairs” anymore?

wow it’s so beautiful man:sunglasses: