My last Zbrush works :)

Wow, so much style!

I also noticed that heavy use of fingerprints - somehow I really like it, somehow they are a bit over the top…

Nice work… How did you come up with your characters?

Stylish arts…Love all of them

Wooow ! :d

You have such amazing style. Love it! :slight_smile:

Absolutely loved the whole series.
I’ve been a traditional sculptor since 1978(!) and the style and finish you have executed is really exceptional.
The thumbprint texture detail is great in conveying a hand finished work. We all know it’s digital but the idea is to get across to the viewer the feeling YOU as the sculptor has for this particular piece of work.
I know a lot of sculptors whose texture finish is with a palette knife, and others who love to leave their thumbprints and personal marks in each sculpture. Sometimes they use one texture finish and sometimes another.
As a strong personal style you have certainly found one.
Please keep posting.

Thanks again all!
i will keep posting new works soon!
You can visit my Fb page for more new works (and old one…) and see the process of them…

Gorgeous sculpts Itay! Really love the expressions, posing and textures you’ve brought to these.


I love how you’ve blurred the lines between digital and physical, your images have strong presence and form. Really beautiful design, sculpts and renders.

Are those vray renders!? would you share those clay materials/parameters?! that would be awesome!!!..



Such a strong and though style.
I love it, your character are so expressive, so dynamic.

Awesome style, Itay!
Congrats for the top row, and please keep posting :slight_smile:

Aphrodite by Adam Ford concept art.

Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notredame.

Robin Hood from Disney(1973)

Bow Girl by Malcon Pierce concept art.




All exquisite. Robin Hood my absolute favorite.
Gorgeous craftsmanship Itay - love how you add those little flicks of virtual clay.

May I ask how you achieve such an effect?

Hi! great job with sculpt. This guy used to freaks me out when I was a kid :smiley:

nice :ok_hand: