My Journey Begins Here

I have decided to test ZBrush as hard as I can, so I am entering the CG challenge: the Journey Begins with one limitation to myself: I will use exclusively ZBrush for everything, from concept sketch to final piece (exept for final compositing). I will even record the turntable stage from ZBrush.

Here are two concept sketches made in ZB that I am considering. The subject of this challenge conjures many images in my mind, so I plan to make a few concept sketches before I go to the next stage.

The first one is called: The Magic Map.
The second one is called: To Heaven and Back

Moderator’s Note:
I would like to invite everyone to enjoy (and study) the awesome examples of ZBrush landscape art and ZSphere posing found throughout this thread. The thumbnails below are but a few examples of what you’ll find. A really handy way to quickly view all of the images throughout the thread is through the ThreadGallery feature, highlighted here. (It also works for ANY thread here at ZBC!)

Happy ZBrushing!



Wow mate! :grimacing: That’s véry inspiring man! :sunglasses: I really admire the fact that you’re going to give yourself an extra challenge for yourself, by only using ZB (and maybe some bits Photoshop or so, for compositing… isn’t it?)! Everytime I see a 99% ZBrush-work (with only compositing done out of ZB) I’m really stunned with what ‘this one package’ can do! :lol: :sunglasses:

You’ve got a very nice and clear sketch-style and I like the fact you did it all in B/W.

To me the first sketch you posted (‘Magic Map’) looks the most interesting and potential. You could build in brilliant little details, have some nice expressions and stylized faces on the characters, but you also can create a nice mood.
Unless you could also do some nice things with the second one, like extreme colors and giving it an ‘exiting atmosphere’.

The choice is up to you! :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck & all the best!

I love both concepts and think they will be excellent images as you translate across to the 3d-imension! :wink:

Nice sketches on ZB :slight_smile: I liked the second one more, it’s very grande and look expansive!

Thank you!

It will be hard to decide which concept to use. It helps a lot to tell me which one you like and why. In any case I am planning to sketch three more concepts before I finally decide which one I will work on.

So here is another: A virtual avatar, setting of to find information for it’s master by journeying into the virtual interscape.
This was of course sketched in ZB. Colorization was done using Render>Adjustments.


The concept quest goes on…


I like the 1st and the last concept most, cant wait to see what youre gonna do with those scetches! :slight_smile:


I like the simplicity of the “virtual avatar” …but i’m alway’s betting on the wrong horse :smiley:
You’ll never know if a jury goes for “simple” or “lots of detail” …but you have a lot of good idea’s…i like " to heaven and back"as well…not so easy to make that , i think…lots of detail…the last two concepts have a simpler "flow"in the image !

good luck,…i will follow your entry with interest


I’m liking the abduction one most, followed by avatar in close second…:smiley:

But all are great, I like the fact that you’ll be using Zb exclusivley…:+1:

Great ideas and cool sketches. :+1: Cant really decide which one i like most, i like them all.

This is the final concept sketch, called Fool’s Errand. It portrais Fool, the character of card 0 of the tarot deck, as he begins his journey through the taror world. I have included the characters of the major 22 cards of the tarot deck in this image.

So now, I have to decide which of the 5 concepts to develop. This is the hardest part. Any opinions and crits are welcome and highly valued.


Coool - Great Idea :+1: :+1: :+1:

go with concept 1 or 2. I really like both of these. I’d lean towards #1 just because the emphasis is on the characters and displaying some emotional feedback. If you brought the charcaters in #2 closer and therefore were bigger and were easier to read it could work too.

All great stuff Mytholon…hard to tell which one to pick…
But I think number 5 (the tarot world) represent the best the feeling of a journey beginning, we can see the zig-zagging path ahead, the character holding is bag, plus it feels the world is vast, bizarre and fantastic, we(I mean myself)) wish to see whats gonna happen. I’d say go for 5! :+1:

I think I’m gonna enter the contest as well, it’s a really inpiring subject.

Real beautiful

Great work. The perspective is amazing :+1:

…and, ehhh, - which contest are you guys talking about???

:+1: great sketches love them especially 1 and 3

I have decided to go for the Tarot world idea. Thank you for your comments! They have been very helpful in making me decide.

SInce I have to model tons of stuff for this image, I will have to work fast and dirty. This is for a still image, so I can get away with plenty of sloppynes.

I strat by modeling the journeying character, the Fool. This is version 01. There will be a couple more before I am done with this image. Here is my process.

Also, a question: I followed the instructions of this thread for making a posable Fool, plus I unified the ZSphere model before working on the polygons in preview mode, to make it fit nicely in the preview window.
The problem I get is that when I move or rotate the Zspheres (even a little) the geometry gets lots of polygonal noise. Anybody knows how to avoid this? :confused:



Now that is very cool! Great idea and great character. :wink:

Mytholon, I almost missed your question. Perhaps this thread can help, you may not enjoy the reading but a lot of info is presented. :wink:


hi, I like that zsphere (aftermesh) :slight_smile: is simply its fantastic to do great character from simply mesh. great work