My Hindu Warlord

[aryan warrior_elephArmour_01].jpg


[aryan warrior_elephArmour_02].jpg

aryan warrior01a.JPG

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Hey, i like your concept :+1: ,

your model is looking good :stuck_out_tongue: ,

thought i have a suggestion for you if you won’t mind :wink: ,

you should work on your model’s anatomy first, and then should jump on the minor details, like pores and deformations, because these things looks good only when your base model is good,

I am not saying your model is bad, but what i want you to focus on is it can be much better :slight_smile:

take it as a positive feedback :+1:


the pencils and modeling are excellent…

did you start with Zbrush?


Hey guys! Hav’nt worked on the model for a few days now. Had some psychotic retopo problems. Some really weird poly spikes on the higher resolutions, makes me not wanna retopo ever again!hahaha!

DAXE: Thanks for the suggestions my man.Yeah my anatomy needs some work! I know the face proportions are weird: distance between eyes are wrong, ears have wrong placement,etc. Thanks DAXE!

PaulZB: Hey dude, yeah started the head with a Zsphere which is why I tried retopo’ing. The rest of the base meshes are modelled in Maya.

Will post some rough colours on Monday.

Here’s some rough colours. I know, I know, he looks a bit feminine with those rouged up cheek bones! I’m still playing around guys! But Crits and Comment are welcome as usual.


a little tip.

there is a triangle on all our faces, from the top of the nose to the sides of our nostrils with the base as a mouth.

take the point half way between the eyes. then join that up with the corner of each side of the mouth. that should give you the proper width of the nose.

Hey guys! I’m back and my work is slower than ever!

mxdirector thanks for the tip dude. The new image got the nose fix. It is looking better to me, so thanks dude!

Should have a pose done soon, time permitting. Transpose master is awesome however I think the masking needs work if u have too many subtools.

Heres the updated nose



Hey guys! Here’s an update after a very,very long time. Actually I had so many issues trying to pose my character using transpose master. Just too many subtools and a difficult silouhette to make the masking work efficiently. So I had to take it into Maya and skin, paint some weights, etc,ect…
So anyway I have 2 poses. I really not sure which one I like more. The Maya lowres renders are the locked off cameras that I am looking at. The zbrush renders are just different angles showing off the character. Please tell me what you think guys. Crits and Comments welcome

Heres the zbrush renders:








Awesome. Keep them coming.

I am a little curious, what is that material you are using on, well, every part of the model but the head?

Hey Wildsketch! Thanks alot! I used the matcap skin04 shader. The head has polypainting on it which is why it looks so different.
Thanks again, will keep u guys updated

Just a quick colour treatment. Saturated versus muted palettes.



Cool! Got more of the skin painting done for the body. I’m def going to put an underpainting of darker skin hues that suggest indian skin. Gonna have to do some photoshop work with this.

wow love your technique on coloring the arm.

Impressive work…Keep us posted as it comming along, and be “desribeful”.

hello, again!
wat2k:thanks alot
sury: i’ve added a more descriptive process, kinda tutorial-ish, hope it’s cool!

The technique we are going to use is called optical mixing. I’ve learnt it from Scott Spencers Zbrush book. Thanks Mr Spencer!!! Basically we let our brains do the colour mixing. We will not use green but rather spray alot of blue and yellow dots that our eye will now interpret as green!!
I’m going to demo on a little sphere. It did not come out as good as I would have liked it to, but some extra work on it would have helped with a skin looking result.

Now using the Spray brush again on a very low intensity of 10-15 pick your skin tone colours of choice and start lightly washing the surface with colour. Try and exaggerate the reds,blues and yellows at the earlier stages to get a nicer result. The blues will seep thorugh as if they are green veins. I unfortunately can’t do it as good as Scott Spencer, but I am trying. I hope I have helped a little bit with this very short tut. The tut result is’nt as good as the result I have on my character and even that still needs alot of work. It is a very slow and time consuming technique but the results really are worthwhile. If I have missed out on any important info I do apologise, please give me a shout if its the case. Enjoy guys!!

PS: will have sword textured for monday.yayy!





here’s the texturing for the sword as promised. The first image got the red wax shader on it which I like quite a bit. It feels aged!






I have seen ur art and model they look like japanese style, they have samurai elements also, try to do more research for hindu warlord features and elements… keep up good work.

Thanks for the input Vinay! Yeah I realised it’s not traditionally indian but I wanted to have some elements that would modernise it and bring more appeal to the younger generation. Kinda like Deepak Chopra’s Ramayan 3392AD. Its def too late to do any sculpting changes now (I just want to finish this project now!!) but will def look at more traditional work for my next piece. Thanks again!

Hi Mahen,

I did a quick doodle to give my initial thought on hindu warlord, it can be developed further, maybe adding aura around his head is common indian tradition for dipicting godlike personality, and few elements more towards armor like with indian carvings on it will take it toward hindu warlord feel. yes it is too late too make changes in current model but for next one i think it will help somehow .

Maybe you can have two races which exist in our mythology.Asur(Evil power) and God(Positive force).Hindu_warlord.jpg

Hi Mahen,

One more thing i forgot to add the “Teeka” on forehead somehow represent Vaishnavas, and they are very spiritual and dont believe in violence, so if you search more about warrior symbols that will add to your concept.

Sorry for too much criticism. I hope i am doing it for good.Keep up good work.