My Hindu Warlord

Oh Wow, Vikram! Don’t feel bad at all, all the crits are actually helping me quite a bit. Your concept drawing is awesome, it gives the indian concept a warhammer-ish spin. Love the hair and lotus form on the armour! I actually think that you should model it. Thanks a million, I am actually looking up hindu symbolisms right now.

Here’s two variations of a texture on the armour. Not really sure which one to go for! What do you guys think? The main difference is just around the abdominal area. I think the white might look a bit bland. Thanks guys, appreciate your input.



2 words:

Yoga Fire!


Very cool character man, looking awesome!!! Elephant armor, very cool idea… keep it up!

Here’s the little decor thingie thats sits high up on the sides of his chest armour. Def never gonna see all this detail though. maybe I should scale it up and use it as a bigger design element on the center of the chest piece? what do u guys think?




yeah man, great idea. Bring it into view, putting it as a center piece on the armor feels like it would work out!

Thanks dread_companion! Will have an update with the central chest decor tomorrow! Here’s the color variations on the armour with rest of mesh turned on.
Sorry, I hav’nt fixed the teeka yet vinay :o. Cant find any good sites yet. Can you suggest some sites with good hindu symbolisms?




I like your model but I do have one thought. Do you really think the daggers (or whatever they are) that are protruding down from his chest armor are practical? Think of it-all an opponent needs to do is make him duck from an axe blow and oops! he just pierced himself in the thigh or groin with the dagger.–Just a thought.

Otherwise-keep up the good work.

Search for indian tantric symbols, or maybe you can use sun in a symbolic way to make him looklike “sooryavanshi”, sun was used by warriors in different states of india…


Haha! Yeah LD that was topic of discussion for quite a while when I was conceptualising the character! In war my character is totally useless, but i just wanted to get something out that was aesthetic and warlord-ish! Thats right, my character is just a poser!! :lol: But I will def try some other options, thanks LD.

Here’s the decor sitting in the centre of the armour. Before I even tried it I thought it would look really dumb, but its not lookibg all that bad.

Yeah baby, almost finished! Heres the character in black & white. Still not completely happy with the colour version. Going to do some more comping and colour tweaking.


Hey! Looking good!
Here’s my only concern: Those super detailed ornaments you put on each side of the armor, are too small. You have to get really close to really appreciate all the detail - If this were a game character you would probably never see how much work was put in them. My suggestion, is make them a lot larger… Or maybe duplicate one and put it as a really big back-plate? I don’t know… I’d hate to see all that detail get lost in some full body renders…

Hey guys! Here’s the finished image. Yay!! Finally done. I’v got another pose that I’ll comp soon and submit.
dread companion, sorry buddy, i’ve done too much with my super-slow computer to re-size and re-render all the layers for decor piece. But ever since you mentioned it, i’m itching to get an upgrade and fix it real quick! Thanks everyone, hope you like it :smiley:


Hey, guys! I started a new thread with all the finished pieces for this character. Go have a look at it here.
Thanks for all the support guys :wink:

hey mahen a little pony on his back head would have given him more interesting look

and a well defined jaw line would do much better overall nice one

and as i always say keep em comin

looks good. I just would hate to see him bend over to far, that elephant tusk looks like it would sting a little lol.

Holy smokes, really cool model! I love the concept for his breast plate, that’s really neat!

The idea behind the creation is very impressive but the details should be more clear.

The armor of chest can be more sharp and details. I know this is kind of elephant head then this doesn’t mean that you can’t add hard surface.
Here can be some parts are hard and some can be part of leather…

Waiting for updates…
Best of work :slight_smile:
Happy Zbrushing…

Yea i think it looks like Japanese sword :slight_smile: