My First ZBrush Work

I’ve been around this forum for quite some time, checking out the cool stuff that has been posted here since the initial versions of ZBrush.
Work (and a little bit of laziness, I confess…) has kept me busy and until very recently had not presented me with an opportunity to use ZBrush in any project…
A couple of months ago a client approached us with a request for realistic pterodactyls, and here was the chance to learn and put ZBrush in motion!

The interface felt a bit weird at first, but I got the hang of it in a couple of days of exercise. My workmate Vander Zafalon provided me with a base mesh which I then cleaned-up in Maya, set up the UVs with the proper scale ratio for parts that required the most detailing, and exported to ZB.

This forum was a great source of information when dealing with issues not covered by the manual or the Practical Guide, and painting the displacement, bump and diffuse maps was really therapeutic for 2 and a half weeks!

So, I wanted to share the end result with you guys. I’d like to thank everyone that helped and replied to some of my early posts, when I was having some initial issues and doubts. The creature has been ready for more than a month now, but I needed to wait for the commercials to air before I could release anything…

And, I must say, ZBrush ROCKS! :wink:




Super cool!

Great work! Fantastic detailing. I really like the natural color scheme as well.

great work !!
5 stars :sunglasses: :+1:

Wow that’s very impressive and mighty detailed! wonderful job on it. And it makes me wish my first post looked like this sigh
Say… is this for Discovery Channel ? :wink: hehe

/ Max

Ken B subject :smiley:
Amazing image :+1:

So, th is is animated? Where could we see it?

Looks very good! Maybe some subsurface on the wings?

It is great to see how zbrush goes higher and higher :slight_smile:


:Dcool dino bird :+1:

*Some great movies on your site also btw :laughing:

Modelling and skinbump is looking great so far. :+1:

I´d try some color variation in the next step as well as some SSS shading on the wings!

Looks great!
Post more information (base mesh, pure ZBmodel)
and this is top for me.

Ralf Stumpf

This is super cool…not only does ZBrush rocks You Rock as well :wink:



I want to thank everyone for the generous replies!
It is amazing how active this forum is, and the overall constructive criticism spirit.

I’ll try to answer to some of the posts, and hopefully add some more info about the Ptero as time permits…

" Say… is this for Discovery Channel ?"
No Max. The client was Mexicana Airlines. A quicktime of the commercial can be found at Vetor Zero’s website. (www.vetorzero.com)
The idea was that “compared to Mexicana’s new fleet, the competition won’t look so modern anymore…”

" You are the son of Ken B !"
Hehe… This is quite a compliment Frenchy! Ken’s work really inspired my ZBrush learning, and his generosity in sharing his knowledge helped to avoid some potential obstacles. It was great that he posted the first reply to my post! Thanks Ken! :wink:

“I´d try some color variation in the next step as well as some SSS shading on the wings!”
I thought of creating various color schemes for the Ptero at first pariah3D, but the client wanted them to be the same color. SSS was planned as well, but the client called for a pterodactyl that was close to 12 meters-high when standing up, a huge beast way bigger than any real flying reptile. At that scale, wing membranes had to be way thick to hold this huge thing in the air, and translucent wings would make it appear smaller, or not strong enough to sustain such weight…
Anyway, I was hoping I would be able to try some alternate colors during my free time after the job was done, but haven’t had any of it ever since! So this is pretty much done for now, and there will be no “next steps” until I manage to get some extra time in the near future… Plus, I wanna try other things with ZBrush! :stuck_out_tongue:

" Post more information (base mesh, pure ZBmodel)"
Sure Ralf! I’ll get the images organized here so I can show some “work-in-progress” steps.

Cheers everyone!

hey Gus congratulations… top row @ first shot!!!
my congratulations also for the Lobo site… the flash site is made with a lot of style (i adore the graphic and those old-style-arcade button sounds), and the works are terrific… even if i watched only “Diesel desire” (i’d die for those dots!) & “Empadinha Z” (wonderful 2D render)… instead i’m still lo-tech… hahaha

AHHHHHH!!! finally!!! the vault is open!!!

I knew id be amazed by the work that would come out of it. Thanks for not surprising me:)

Indeed, superb work. no more no less of what it should have. very nice details and that jurassic realism is just espetacular:)

Abraco e meus parachoques!!!


honoring ZBrush Central’s tradition of breaking down your work steps for all to see, here are some images showing the Ptero base polygonal mesh and it’s rendered subdivision-surface version:



Will be posting some more steps soon.

Cheers! :slight_smile:Ptero_Steps2_Wire_Lo.jpgPtero_Steps2_SubD_Lo.jpg

I Do See The Video In Mexican´s Tv-ya VÍ El Video Del Comercial En La TelevisiÓn Mexicana. Me SorprendiÓ Mucho La TÉcnica De Los PtirodÁctilos. Ahora Le PodrÉ Presumir A Mis Amigos Que Le Escribo A La Persona Que Hizo La AnimaciÓn Y Que Uso El Zbrush, Pues Desde Un Principio Nos PareciÓ De Muy Buena Calidad.

Indeed, awesom work! I’m really amazed. But… pteranodon had no teeth!

Hey, I love Dinos!! Thank you for sharing one. A great job in the animation. Never heard of the company you work for, but there is a lot of nice work.

Greetz Jens

But… pteranodon had no teeth!

Pterodactyl = pteranodon ?
Curious because the most things that we have refound , are the Teeth!!! :question: :question: :question:
Look this site :roll_eyes: and clic on the teeth :wink: