Mutte's sketchbook

Hi, I’ve decided to join the ZCentral and to share some of my sculpts and WIPs.
Great community with lots of talent. :slight_smile:


grtz MutteZBC1.jpg


Great work!I really like the ape… :wink:

Awesome! Yeah, the gorilla rocks :slight_smile:

Great sculpt, love the old man and that Gorilla’s expression is priceless. Is the man on top anybody in particular? He reminds quite a lot of young Picasso.

Thanks guys !!! More coming soon

see ya Mutte

Hey Mutte! Really great work! Keep on rocking!
Best regards, Selwy

Great worx man! Keep posting! Greetz fom Belgium (Lier)… .:smiley:

Great stuff,I love the gladiator keep posting ! :+1:

Tribute piece to Jack Pierce and Monstermaker’s work on this character.
Their creatures used to scare the . out of me when I was little.


grtz mutte
thanks guys for the inspiration

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The gorilla is looking sweet ! I dig the gladiator u did as well… Amazing details dude…

some good stuff here :slight_smile: I like the gladiator type character, perhaps elongating the lower body would balance him a little better [the helmet’s very big]. Just an idea :slight_smile: Keep’em coming :+1:

Mutte very nice sketchesi looking forward for more of them.

NG :slight_smile:

Great work !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Gemini Creature

I’d love to see a larger image of the gorilla

That Roman gladiator is awesome! Really like the wolfy bust too…
Great all around, can’t wait to see what’s next :+1: 5*

Thanks guys for the kind replies, I hope to post some new stuff. If I can finnish my new sculpt soon (Time is my own worst enemy)

Regards Mutte

hi guys, another wip. I hope to give an update on this soon…


regards mutte

Great sculpt & paint - lookin’ forward to the update. :+1: !

My sketchbook: Etcher_Sketcher

Hi, a small update tweaking and painting ,I hope to finish the head soon so I can start on the rest of the body and ect.

Ok, small update, but the paint job’s improving though! :+1: !