muscle man body & thick leg tutorial

Z2 is realy interesting.

i sculpt all day.

it’s a day work, not finished ,

no more word, z2 will be my best friend.


<-- it;s a rar file, rename it ,and extract



Impressive! :eek:

Great work!!!
By any chance is he Catholic and/or single?

there’s something wrong with breast knees and back, but non of the less it is a breathtaking piece of art.

wow nice muscle details ! :+1:


That’s simply impressive !!! Very well done !

it’s 3 million poly. too hard editing poly

full body scupting is so hard work for me , divided 7 time only zbrush

my machine is 2.3G 1G mem

i want upgrade memory 2G :confused:

Definitely nice work. The only thing that appears off to me is the size of the legs. They appear too thick for the amount of muscle he has on the other parts of his body. I’m sure it would be easy to adjust on the lower levels of the subd mesh. Cool stuff though!

i wanted thick leg.

but i think , it’s too thick :slight_smile:

thanks for reply~

Great modelling, very realistic. I would like to know what material and settings did you use for him? :+1: :+1:

very nice, and the use of cavity too nice modeling :slight_smile:

extremly nice work. I like the thick legs…lol…they remind me of my own :slight_smile: Did you model this from zspheres or is this a modified mesh from somewhere else or another program. Great work on the fingers and toes!! :+1: Would love to see a wireframe of the model. thnx and keep up the beautiful works here. :sunglasses:

i made by only zbrush, zsphere and adaptive model, divide,divide,seven time , and scupting

so hard to make full body process, too many polygon ,
i wanna divide one more , but my machine is dead point

i will upload wireframe image, as soon as, now i working

Hi mayaguru can you make a zscript of how you model one leg for example? Iam really interested in see you working “in vivo”.
Thanks in advance

i can’t make zscripts,
but i learn and try it!

you want total leg (toe)?

i don’t understanding ,because my bad english “vivo”
please explan me “vivo” :slight_smile:

Hi mayaguru when you star ZB2 automatically begin recording your session at the end in the script panel you press end record and save it¡. The modeling session could be part of the leg, “in vivo” mean “in live”.
Thanks in advance
ps:which is your natural language?

powerful man!

my natural language is KOREAN,(south korea)

i making zscripts now, almost done

Thanks mayaguru¡¡¡¡ Is very nice and glad to meet you¡¡¡¡ You have my respect and consideration¡
Thanks again