Muppet Man Sketchbook

Hey what’s up everyone! I’ve been meaning to start a new sketchbook thread on here and I finally have some new stuff to show.

We’ve started an art blog at Robot Entertainment and each month we will be creating art based on a different theme. This month was, ‘Clash of the Titans’, so I created a Medusa bust. I hope you guys like it.

Check out the other blog entries from my fellow artists. There will be new additions from other artists as well in the weeks to come.








nice work man

nice!!! very clean!

bam…great work. I hope the new clash of the titans movie has stuff this cool in it…

:smiley: This is really fabulous work. I’m a newbie, so I’m just trying to get familiar with ZBrush’s capabilities. I am an airbrush artist, I also combine my airbrush work with photoshop- Seeing your methodology is helping me make a transition in terms of process. So, thank you for sharing- I look forward to seeing more work. In time, I will get my feet wet and jump in!
(probably a lot of time! but no time to be shy! I have to start somewhere!)

This piece is very awesome… congrats dude

Fantastic sculpting and render. You have my 5 stars. and thanks for sharing the passes workflow.

Very nice to see you here with your sketchbook Chris !

Awesome start and thanks for the breakdown.
Can’t wait to see more !

Simply astonishing work, I’m a great fan of everything you make. Keep it up!

The Expression is good,you control that very well.

Thanks everyone. :smiley: I’ve also started another project based on Leinil Yu’s Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine image where Hulk is ripping Wolverine in half. I started this a long time ago during GameArtisan’s first Comicon Challenge but never finished. I’m determined to finish it so I’ve been chiseling away lately and here’s some of my progress on Hulk’s torso.

(This is what I’m shooting for)





Wow! You got the talent to finish it. Good luck and cant wait to see it done.

Nice work! That Hulk action is brutal! Can Logan heal from that?!?

fantastic work on Medusa head… want to see this hulk finished !

Hey great work man.

This is awesome work. All of your work is incredibly high quality. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Medusa looks great and the hulk is coming along nicely…

IIRC wolverine actually pulled him self together and healed his body back.

Cool medusa. Too much contrast fot my preference.

Hi Chris! Wow! what a sketchbook start (5stars imho!) The medusa sculpt is so intense! Many thanks for making the great breakdown :+1: . Looking forward to the hulk progress :+1: !

nice, good work :slight_smile: