Muppet Man Sketchbook

This is awesome!!! on gonna check this sketchbook daily!, the medusa looks stunning!! the big winner of the action hero contest is in da house! hahaa :+1:

Incredible works,thanks for the meduse breakdown,very helpfull! 5 star stuff:)…cal

Hulk is looking great and the Medusa is awesome. Can’t wait to see more.

Massive Medusa. Impressive lineup of renders to composite, I’ll have more than one look, thanks for sharing.

Good work on the gorgon!

WOW - now, THAT’S cool!!! I’ll have to check out that blog you mentioned. Very cool, indeed - thank you for sharing!

Later - Mike

I think stunning is the word to describe your work mate. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us lesser mortals on to create better renders. :+1: :smiley:

Great to see a sketchbook from you dude! Really nice stuff and thanks for the breakdowns. Was really interesting seeing how put Dr Root together and glad to see you are not disappointing here :+1:

the medusa is pretty darn cool!

Thanks everyone, you are too kind.
I had to take a break from the Hulk project to work on a new base and modified pose for Dr. Root. I’m sending it off to Ownage to get a 12" print similar to the one Jason Smith had made, which turned out amazing btw:
I got rid of the huge base I had for my entry and made a much simpler one. I want to go as big as possible since he has a lot of small details. I’m going to go with a brown and grey duotone version for the print. Here’s some sample renders I’m sending along with the files.


Damn!!, That print is gonna be the best! Dr. Root looks fantastic in his new base! great greaat job! :slight_smile:

I don’t like this figure. The colours didn’t work in the competition version. In fact I don’t like that not one contest entry did feature a more realistic, more natural execution of a superhero. I’m really vexed that all of you followe established canons of superhero art (comic books). But hey, stay one of the many I say, I don’t mind :lol:

However I like the skill. cr

Awesome sculpt, look forward to seeing the print!

Very Cool Medusa and love the new pose for Root - wicked stuff

freakin amazing work, all around! I can’t wait to see that hulk and wolverine!

Not personally a fan of the text “Dr Root” but the rest is awesome. I am sure it will come out great as a sculpture.


Nice man!!!

Really envy you for both your modelling skills and your getting the 3D print… again!! :smiley:

It’s nice though, as getting a print that’s not based on the contest guidelines means you can get it how you want it.

Happy days! Looking forward to seeing it!

Forgot to add! That Medusa looks amazing!!!

Man that Medusa rocks, bad ass:+1:

Thanks everyone! I sent the files off to Ownage for the Root sculpt. It’s going to be about 13" tall including the base. I can’t wait.

I’ve made a bit more progress on Hulk. I added some detail to his face, added some hair and teeth and sculpted his ears. I’ve also been reworking some of the muscles in his torso but I want to get it to where I’m happy before I show the changes. I’m not sure if I like the wrinkles in his face or not. They seem a bit wonky and not really purposeful. Lots more to do.

I may take a break from this guy and start a new sculpt. :bulb:


The Hulk is looking really NICE! :+1: