Mpej_Sketchbook_Hi Zbrush Cenral !

it’s been quite some time i’ve been following everyone’s work throughout all the various topics. There’s really some impressive new works each time I come back here.

I hope I’ll be able to join this fantastic community and that my work would please most of you ^^.

I’ll begin by submitting a humanoid/mechanical model still in design phase.
I have to figure out how the articulations areas such as the knees, the hips, and the ankles will work. Hope you like the idea ! mechaStrip56_WIP.jpg



Here is a small update on the legs and arms designs.
Any critic, tip, or advice is welcome :slight_smile: I still need to improve my work constantly…




That arm and hand is great. Nice hard surface sculpting.

  1. hey really nice work :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

That arm looks awesome!

Here’s an update of my character. It took quite a time to put into shape everything as it should but still a final work needs to be done. I have still to add some doodles and wires.
c&c are welcome ! mechaStrip02.jpg



This will be the final model. I’m having problem rigging this character with the transpose master to give it a cool pose. Anyway, next step is giving it a good render.
Thanks for the kind words so far :slight_smile:




Great work with all those mechanical parts. I especially like the arm. The detailing on hands and fingers looks really cool.

Thank you Ecthelion,
i had hard times getting the hard surface feel. Actually it’s the first Hard Surface character i’ve intirely done in Zbrush. I hope i’ll get faster and better for the next one !

First model on Sculptris, used occasionnaly the Goz to Zbrush to use some brushes. Hope you like it ^^

![Sculptris 2011-07-13 03-07-43-43.jpg|1100x1138](upload://vo8J82JyYBVmIFTeZujb4yW2Kmp.jpeg)


Sculptris 2011-07-13 03-07-43-43.jpg

Excellent hard surface sculpting. !!
About Sculptris, welcome to the club (visit the sc forum)
IMO Sc has better sculpting tools, more spontaneous I mean. Lot of interesting tricks before jumping to zb (GoZ)

i agree, i used GoZ for being quicker, i’m not familiar enough with how the brushes react. I think i’m getting a hand on to it ^^
Anyway, thanks for your kind words Michalis !

Hello! Trying to make a come back on this forum after a disappearence for some years. Didn’t manage to texture the last work I posted here. I’m definitely going to finish my work on this one. Any advise is welcome on this spaceSuit00! It’s still on a concept state, I’m going to detail more with vents, additional modeling turbines and bolts. Any advice on how I should clean this model for a realtime software ? Thanks for your help!CharacterStrip_spaceSuit00.jpg



Hello small update on arm. How does it look so far. I can’t find a way to go further in the modeling or details could someone give me a tip please ?



Keep it up, it’s coming along nicely. I like that it not completely symmetrical. :slight_smile:

Small update on the right leg and arm. Trying to refine some sharp edges… but I’m losing a lot of time. I think I’m lost trying to make details and don’t have the good approach. Any tip on how I should procede? I think a have a good basis to start detailing but I don’t seem getting anywhere for now. A tip would be most usefull! Thanks !CharacterStrip_spaceSuit03.jpg



Small update on the arm. Trying to get a grip on the masking and sculpting brushes (clay, dam standard, move…)
Adding some mechanical stuff and wires later on!CharacterStrip_spaceSuitArm00.jpg



Trying to finish this model but I am slow for this mechanical model…



Hi! it’s been a while since I couldn’t come back to zbrush… didn’t even finish last model.
For a come back I’m posting a warmup I did this morning of a cat statuette I own.
Any advice would be welcome to improve my skills and my way of modeling my work.
Thanks !catStrip00_web.jpg



Hello, this is going to be a revival of my thread. I’ve being working on anatomy lately more in depth and came out with this for my personal game project. I was thinking about sharing the progress so far and maybe have tips and advices on my work ? I hope this will resonate with some of you and will be able to provide more progress throughout the next weeks.
Any C&C are welcome to improve my sculpt. This is still in a WIP stage (arms not finished)


Edit 15/06/2018 >
Some more work on the arms ; it’s a really difficult topic but i think things are getting clearer in my mind. I have to do more correctionon deltoids and pecs forms but i think i placed the main features correctly :slight_smile: