morrisCowboys sketchbook

Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking for a while now and this is the first time I post my work on ZBrush Central. In this thread I’m gonna post some of my old work and also some of my more recent stuff.

I know that there is a lot to comment on my models. I tend to loose interest in my models quite fast so I try to finish them as soon as possible to keep things interesting. This can lead to a look that is not so polished on my models.

Anyway… I hope you like what you see.

All this stuff is made and rendered in ZBrush. Horrible comp on the spaceship. It’s always nice to go back to old stuff and see that you actually have evolved.




All images sculpted and rendered in ZBrush.

I went crazy on the throne. All detailing is done by hand with the deco brushes.
The King Original 2d design by Dave Malan (http://davemalan.com/).

cool stuff, I especially like the king in the last image:+1:

Awesome job! :+1:
Great renders !

Not so happy with the face on the anatomy study.

I wanted to do a model of someone elses design so I checked out http://cghub.comand found a talented artisted named Björn Hurri. He had done some fun redesigns of star wars characters so I decided to give his Yoda a try. Björns illustration of Yoda can be found here

mouth-monster-2.jpgalien big chin front.jpg

:grimacing:small_orange_diamond:grimacing:small_orange_diamond:grimacing:small_orange_diamond:grimacing: WOW! Simply WOW. top row? no?
Do you have tutorials or something? Videos while you work?

Really good stuff!! Well wicked.

love all project…Great work! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Some nice, atmospheric stuff here! :+1:

Love your gallery and style =)

Love all work…awesome stuff :+1:

Seriously dude, i really love your style, 5 star. The atmosphere is awesome and so is the sculpting.

Man, “YOU ROCK”! Holy crap, these are awesome! Really Awesome.

Wow! Great work. Great renders. Has 4R2 affected your workflow much?

Great renders, excellent work :+1:

fantastic work. -it only got better and better the more you got into the thread.
keep em coming.


Good work. Its nice to see some fresh sculpts. Keep them coming.