Mongrel girl (Nudity)

Daemon3d, this is a work that I’ve put in my personal top row! Art at its highest. The figures are the very highest quality. The composition is awesome and (CREEPY). Your proficiency in XSI shows in the details, such as the difference in the hair texture between that of the creature mother and the human baby.

Lots and Lots of :+1: :+1: :+1:
PS if this pair is ever animated by you or others PLEASE post a link!

Nutrition is important…!
Good work, the sss looks great!

There is no way I can criticize the modeling or rendering -this is so far beyond what I can do it’s not funny:-)

But as for the image itself and its impact; I find the snarl to be overkill, it somehow detracts from the emotional impact of the image.

I have two thoughts: To just show the mother looking down at the child as if perplexed that such a child is at her breast, or perhaps looking at us like the cat that just ate the canary - what are her intentions, to help or hurt the child? Or,if you really love the snarl, put it in context as a reaction to the viewer - for example snarling but with her body language protecting the child from us, the viewer, as though we were the monsters.

Either way I think going with subtle body language would dramatically raise the impact of the image

Hope this isn’t taken as nitpicking; it really is an amazing job !


Just had to say great stuff :+1: :+1: I love this concept, a very disturbing image …

Dizzy boy

is that kate moss? what a lady! :-)) Great work!! :+1:

This is the most disturbing image ever posted on zbc.

The technical excellence, the clarity

enforces the discomfort

very very disturbing



Hi there,

Really enjoyed looking at this pic - the detail is stunning. If you haven’t already done so, have a look at the larger version to get a real appreciation of this fine piece.

If I could make one suggestion it would be to soften the effect of the hair a little - either by making the strands slightly thinner and possibly adding 5% more transparency.




Ohh man that is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen!

On multiple levels. ***** :+1:

One practical question: do you prefer animal sacrifices, or sacrificial meals, when worshipped?

Oooh she looks sooo sexy:sunglasses: …urk NOT! :laughing:
GREAT job on the modeling and details from both characters!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:
:frowning: …wowa!..she is reallly creapy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Daemon3d I can’t get over how satisfying 3D art can be when looking at this. You should submit this for Spectrum 13, or Exposé 4 consideration. I have no doubts that this would be in. :+1:

that kid will turn green soon.:stuck_out_tongue:

awwwww… so cute !!! great work

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

What’s this???

Simple the best!!!

Great work!!!

Great Modeling Skills…
Obveously awesome…

***** stars

Ok, so this is in fact one of the best pieces of work i have ever seen. It is now my new desktop. Stunning.

This is fantastic, I’m just beginning ZB and hope to be able to produce stuff like this one day!! Lovin your style…it ROCKS (",)

disturbing,dark but i like it, a very good image

Oh my lord!! You know mommy’s had a hard life! Hope its better for baby, and on that note hope baby didnt swim too far in mommas gene pool if ya know what I mean. Awsome work!