Mongrel girl (Nudity)

wow oh f*** very very very very very very…absolutly fantastic

I can see the long hours in that. EXCELENT WORK!


…and charming Mum :smiley:

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIH!!! Great!!! 10**********

Ohhh… that’s BAD A$S!!! :+1: :grimacing: :+1:

Yep, Quite amazing in all.

Only crit is the light source. The baby really is amazing, and I dont think the skin is over done at all… considering mums a little necrotic.

Nice one.

This is amazing. Very high quality texturing and rendering going on here. Fantastic work. Any chance of posting a wire?

That is FREAKY man!.. I love it! :smiley:

Great monster mum and ultra realistic baby. :smiley:

:small_orange_diamond: In the negative points, I see only the bottoms of feet of the baby who are too much inflated.

saw your wip on cg-talk. you did an amazing job with modeling and texturing.:+1:

the only thing you could to critisize, is the boring and unmotivated looking background.:wink:

That hit’s hard. It seems to grab your attention and hold you there. Excellent and very realistic. How long does it take her to put her make up on?

Really great concept!!!A bit disgousted to be milk-feeded by a goblin-like mama but the skin and the child looks awesome.5 stars.



I’ve just become a Dad again - I’m glad my son’s mum (my wife) doesn’t look like that!!
Beautiful - the baby is perfect, mother gruesome! Deserves five hundred stars!

I can’t look at that image, and anything that can do that to me has got to be good.:+1:

yeeeeeahh ! this one is fantastic.
I love the concept.

Thanks all. I’m glad that you like it.
If it is interesting what percent of work used in ZB?

I used, basically textures:
In the baby it is 50 %. In the girl secondary bump and small sculpting.
It is very a pity to me, that it was impossible to detail strongly models in ZB because sss shader eats all off details.
Therefore I did not begin to do many details on mesh.
Below the some people screen shots.

But I like very much texturing in Zbrush.
I’ll try to use following work ZB in a greater part.

sorry for my english



>holy crap. awesome work. I especially enjoy the high rez render of the face. can you post a high rez render of the entire image?

No, sorry.

>I can’t believe the baby is 3D!!! Marvelous! XSI 4.2??? What sss shader did you use??? I can’t get convincing results from the milk en jade shaders…

XSI 5, with fast sss skin shader.

oh, wire with base mesh:


I’m so glad to see a female creature! And one that is caring for a child even… I like the eye make-up touch. The detail is stunning.

A very nice and disturbing pic, definatly top row material bravo!!

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:grimacing: Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy :grimacing:

5 Stars