Mongrel girl (Nudity)

Hi all.
My last work, Mongrel girl with the Infant.
In Zbrush I added some details on the mesh, 50 % of textures the baby and second bump map for the girl.
Render in XSI with final gathering and sss skin shader.
Zbrush is rock :D.
I hope you like it.
C&C are welcome.
PS: Thanks Jaime Labelle for the invitation in ZBrush community. :wink:

Here a close up of the face if it is interesting.
1600x1200 [mongrel_girl_thumbnail_02.jpg[/attach]–>]](Mongrel_G_CLUp_640.jpgMongrel_G_01.jpgmongrel_girl_thumbnail_02.jpg

Let me be the first to say AMAZING! Great modeling, concept and render. Top shelf for me! :smiley:

Glad to see goblins support breast feeding! Who would have guessed? Very touching

holy crap. awesome work. I especially enjoy the high rez render of the face. can you post a high rez render of the entire image?

Fantastic work! Hair on the top of her head is not so good as the baby’s is. Except that everything is wonderfull.

DAMN! that’s disgusting man! and awesome ofcourse :slight_smile: :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

What a Lady :laughing: :+1:

Tastes like vanilla?

I can’t believe the baby is 3D!!! Marvelous! XSI 4.2??? What sss shader did you use??? I can’t get convincing results from the milk en jade shaders…


Beautifull work! love this piece, great coloration on the baby. and I love the design of the creature.

Keep on posting!!

very very good, 5 stars.

only crit is that the skin is a bit over done.

wow!! absolutly fantastic!

All is good, subject, light, color, modeling, texturing.


really amazing work !
congratulation for the top row !
keep it up

ewwww! but in a good way :smiley: way too good!

the cropped image in the top row is creeping me out! :+1: ok the whole thing is…

Shes sexi :+1:
At first thought the baby is a photo :]

This is one incredible image, Dae3D:sunglasses: :+1:

Stunning work. I saw your stuff at HighEnd3D - absolutely super real.

My lips would so not go there, in a strange way this image really works, very natural but so wrong too (but not), awesome work, 5 stars, this rocks…

Hey, this is cool. Love the baby.Great job!5stars for sure

Truly amazing!!!
Words fail.